Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls

Whatever you dream of can be yours, with the help of angels and archangels.The most powerful magick has been concentrated down into a simple magick ritual.

I’m delighted to introduce you to Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls: 142 Ways to Make Instant Contact with Angels and Archangels


It is an amazing and simplified system.’

‘This is one beautiful and elegant system of magic.
Profound methods are presented in a very clear way.’

Using this magick, the angels and archangels will hear your request. They can satisfy your deepest desires. The secret sigils, keys and calls make it possible to establish instant contact.

You’ll find angels and rituals for every desire, from major life changes to minor problems, covering powers related to money, love, the spirit, self understanding and healing.

What makes this different to the other angel books?

It contains the simplest magick ritual that gets results.

Rituals only need to be performed once, on any day that you choose.

There are 127 sigils, with the Secret Admitting Words that make them work.

You will find sigils for Archangels, The Angels of Thrones, The Angels of Virtue, The 72 Shem Angels and The 42 Angels of The Name.

There’s free online audio that makes pronunciation easy.

With many magick books, working out the correct pronunciation can be a challenge. I’ve solved that problem for you, with a host of videos on this page.


The book is ideal for complete beginners, but can be used to great effect by the experienced, so long as you have an open mind.

Using the Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls, you have access to  more than 330 individual powers, making this is the most comprehensive angel book you can find, but for a fraction of the cost.

If you feel that angelic magick could work for you, that is a sign that it will work for you. Discover the power of Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls.


Paperback and ebook now available.


Ben Woodcroft


  1. Mr. Woodcroft,

    Thanks for writing this amazing book: ANGELIC SIGILS, KEYS AND CALLS.

    I bought myself a copy of both your book and Damon Brand’s 72 Angels of Magic.

    While I’m not asking you to comment on another author’s work, I was curious that in some magick books the rituals are asked to be done for 11 days in a row or so, whereas your book doesn’t have that constraint. I actually found the concept that doing it once or twice is sufficient (i.e. doing the magick, believing it is working instead of repeating it) but was just curious if you personally found the repeating it certain days in a row any more beneficial?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi. It’s Chris Wood here as I took over the site from Ben some time ago. I’m pleased you like the book and although I can’t answer for him I think the fact that Ben’s book approaches this work without repetition is the strongest statement he could make on the subject. All authors will be contributing to new FAQs quite soon, and I will ensure all questions are passed to the authors.

      Ben will continue to write books. You can find out about his departure from this site here:

      Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing.


  2. Dear Ben Woodcroft

    I have read your book “Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls”. I have a few questions and would be very thankful if you could answer them.

    Have you had experience with all of these angels? I do not believe in the Bible nor in the God YHWH, will this still work for me? Where do these angels come from? I am familiar with sigils when it comes to demons, but angelic symbols are new to me and i do not know how safe this is. I am aware that angels are light beings, but i am still struggling using these sigils. I have also noticed that there is no protection circle or cleansing involved. Can i attract negative spirit while i do these rituals? Sometimes trickster spirits can appear.



    1. Sorry I could not reply sooner. I have been elsewhere. I have spent many years working with angels and have experience with all of this in this book. Belief is not required if your request is sincere. The rituals are formed so that protection is inherent within the ritual and strengthened by the angel. I understand concern about trickster spirits, but the Central Working is a strong protection in itself. The origin of the angels is too complex to cover in a short reply, I’m afraid, but I address this question here:


  3. Hwy Ben, I’m just wondering if we can successfully use these angels and this method with the slightly different powers listed in Damon Brand’s book? For example Vevaliah to destroy an enemy in Damon’s version with the request style and method listed in your book? Or Poiel to obtain any desire in Damon’s requested via your method?


    1. The powers of the angels are open to wide interpretation. I have offered what I believe to be the most accurate, but it is possible that other powers are available using the method I present.


  4. Hello Ben, Shalom Shalom. I just read the sample of your book(ANGELIC SIGILS, KEYS AND CALLS) at Kindle app and trust me I was thinking that I’m closer to angels after reading your book. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge you have about Angels.

    Actually I’m a student from a poor home hence my financial system is mild and I highly need your book for a lot of rituals but i don’t have money to purchase some of your books.
    Please Ben, I’m pleading that you will have favour on me to read the full content of your book to have more knowledge about angel and rituals

    Hope that YHWH will touch your heart to grant me such favour.
    Thank you and YHWH bless you


    1. Hello. I’m afraid that my contract with my publisher, and their contract with the distributor means that we cannot give books away. I understand that even a few dollars can be difficult to find, but I also believe that if the magick is going to work for you, a way will be found.


      1. Thanks Mr Ben for your reply. But I want to ask that aside the sigil, key and call of angels, can one add candle and incense to his or her ritual?


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