The First Angel

The first time I sensed an angelic presence was not because of magick. The angel came to me, uncalled, in a time of great need. I have studied the occult ever since then, and have asked angels many direct questions, but I still do not understand why angels sometimes reach out with a helping hand to save those in need, while leaving others to fall in front of a truck. I mean that quite literally, because I was rescued by an angel as I was about to walk under a truck.

Daydreaming, and standing at the edge of a busy road, I felt sure that I had looked both ways and was about to step out into the road. I heard a sound that was more like music than voice, but terrible, profound music that seemed to shout, ‘No.’ And then I was pulled back, by the strongest grip I have ever known. Although this power was strong, I was moved back only a fraction. Maybe two inches. The truck passed by me, so close that it almost brushed my face. I could feel the heat from its metal panels on my skin, and was the blasted by the rush of foul air that swirled behind the truck. That air almost knocked me off my feet. I escaped death, or the most violent injuries, by the tiniest amount. But that tiny amount was enough. I was so overwhelmed with shock and fear, that I forgot about the sound and the hand that had pulled me back. I forgot about it.

When you tell stories of the supernatural, it’s easy for people to scoff, laugh or dismiss them as fantasy or fiction. The more truth you tell, the more difficult it can be for people to believe you, because the truth is amazing and wonderful. When I have told this story before, to close friends, the part they find hardest to believe is that I could forget about that moment of rescue. But that is how it happened, and again, I don’t know why.

What I do know is that later that night, as I lay in bed, I remembered. And when I did, my face was flooded with tears of gratitude. The moment became so clear to me, and I had no doubt it was real. It was now clearer than any other memory I’d ever had. And with it came the knowledge that I could do anything. That moment set me on a path to magick.

Magick, for me, was a way of regaining the certainty of angelic reality. I told myself that I was performing rituals to get results, but what I really wanted was to sense an angelic presence. For a long time, I performed nothing but angel magick, but I never felt the presence of an angel. I did, however, get results from the magick. It was as though I was being teased a little; shown the reality of angels through the results, but without actually sensing the angels directly.

But everybody comes to magick in a different way. You don’t need to be approached by an angel, or rescued, for angelic magick to work. This magick is open to anybody who is drawn to it. Most people, even those who work with angels every day, will never sense the presence of an angel as strongly as I did in that fortunate moment. Perhaps angels help us all the time, but we don’t notice. Or we forget. But if you are inspired to come to the world of magick, that is all you need for the angels to hear you. A momentary brush with an angel is nothing compared to a life driven by a deliberate connection to magick.

It was some years later that I learned how to communicate with angels more directly, invoking the angels so that I could speak to them, and hear their wisdom. The method I employ for that is quite useable, but it will take a long book to describe the process. I will write that book for you one day. But for now, there is a way you can sense the presence of an angel, and I’ve already told you what it is. Perform magick for the things you sincerely want, and when you get the result, in that moment of realization, when you feel the pleasure, your feeling of pleasure is shared with the angel. That is angelic contact. The more you recognize it, the more real it becomes and the closer you will get to the angels.

Whatever brings you to magick, whether it’s curiosity, desire for something to change, or an ache for divine contact, angelic magick is a powerful way to catch a glimpse of the beautiful reality that lies just outside the edge of normal perception. And getting the things you want, through magick, soon begins to feel normal. That is the real power of angelic magick. It makes the impossible feel possible.

Ben Woodcroft




  1. Hi Mr. Woodcroft. There are many good books on practical magick these days, including yours. But I’ve noticed that none of them deal with how to summon and work with elemental beings such as Tharsis, Ghob, etc and I’d really like to learn how to work with these spirits. Will you be publishing anything on this in the future?


    1. Thank you, EB. It is possible, but I write slowly and will not be releasing books every few months. It might take me some years to get around to that subject matter, but thank you for your interest.


  2. by reading your wonderful story, a question rushed through my head. is it possible for “bad / evil” angels to exist?

    i remember, on my teens, to feel a presence that was always following / watching me. i felt nothing but fear and judgement. so i was very careful with my actions. one day, that presence just disappeared.

    i was never able to explain this situation, and i think my interest on occultism began more or less at the same time. although i never really studied it. now, in two days i shared this story twice, my first two times. because i believed that if i told this to anyone they would only think i was crazy.

    i’m following your blog, and hopefully will learn a thing or two about magick. thank you! ❤


    1. Bad is a very relative term. When an angel causes you to succeed, somebody else may perceive that action as ‘bad’ because it disadvantage them. Angels are certainly powerful, and at times perform acts that make you tremble with awe. I have never perceived them to be evil, or bad, only powerful. I hope you enjoy the blog, even though updates are rare.

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      1. i absolutely agree with you. we always say something is evil when we don’t take something we’d like from it. good and evil, advantage and disadvantage don’t exist. it is our interpretation, as everything there is, it is to make us grow. so it has to be good and it has to be an advantage, even when it doesn’t feel like it.


  3. Very nice post. Loved reading it. Mostly near to death experiences lead us on the path of magick as we try to solve the mystery of the very moments when death was near.

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