Practical Magick and Focal Points in Life

You get better with practice, they say, but is this true with magick?

One astounding truth about magick is that sometimes it works first time. You ask an angel with great sincerity, and the angel responds with the outcome you were looking for. You become a believer in magick, and on you go. Your passion for magick makes it easier, and it works.

Then, when it stops working, you might reflect. Do you need more practice? Did you miss a step? Is something wrong with magick itself?

Often, magick works because you asked for the right thing at the right time. This has been said for many centuries by the magickally skilled. I am not attempting to be original, but helpful.

How are you meant to know what is the right thing at the right time? Does this mean you have to perform endless tarot readings, and get the timing exactly right? No. I believe you can trust your feelings.

From all that I have seen, for myself and others, I believe that sincere need and a deep desire can be the best guide. It is true that magick can turn up quick cash, and yes, it can seduce and cause all manner of fanciful self-indulgence. That is not what I promote in my books, but I cannot dispute the reality of such magick. This is because magick works for almost anything if you know the right entity to call upon, and if you call when change is likely. But sincere need and desire that has not tipped over into desperation – that is the key to magick power.

Magick is more likely to work if the change is already on the cards. There are focal points in life when change is likely. You can sense them. Other times, life carries on as normal and you plan, you work, you wait, but then you sense that change is possible. At these times, magick is powerful and fast.

Magick is more likely to work if your desire is extremely fresh and clear, or if your desire is something that has been with you a long time. Either of these extremes can lead to rapid success.

Magick is more likely to work when you seek something that doesn’t turn your world upside down. Protection magick works easily because everybody knows what it’s like to feel safe. Money magick doesn’t work so well because a lot of people have never felt the relaxing warmth of wealth. But if you seek small changes, they gather together and bring big changes over time.

You can use magick for anything you like, but if the magick doesn’t work, don’t attack the problem head on. Outflank it. Think of another solution, another way of satisfying your desire. There will be magick that can get you where you want to be.

If you’re working with Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls, it helps to be as familiar as possible with the angels and their powers, so that when struck by desire, you can work out a plan, blending magick rituals to bring about the best possible results.

–       Ben Woodcroft







  1. This seems like a good place to ask my question. If I have two different things that I want an angle to do, should I do it as two separate rituals.


    1. Apologies for the delay in forming my reply. I have been elsewhere. You can ask for both results within one ritual if they are connected or related to the same challenge or problem. If they are not it is worth separating this out into two rituals, so each can be given the sincere attention required.


  2. I’ve certainly found that the small steps lead us to the big Changes.Before I started doing any kind of ‘external’ magic I did alot of work on myself starting it all off where it all seems to originate.I got to the point that I was happy with myself and felt a real contentment and only then did I start to think about success magick (Making more Money!).My plans then seemed to fall pretty effortlessly into place,I have two business starting up and just yesterday evening I had a meeting about starting a consultancy that could potentially put me in the ‘doubled income’ club before the end of the year, even without the other two companies.My thinking was more about being contented with myself first and that takes away the ‘desperation’ now that I am working on more material interests because I am happy anyway.The huge changes from small adjustments really doesn’t slow down making a better Life, in my opinion it makes it possible.Thanks Ben, all the best, David


    1. Hello David. Firstly, sincere apologies for the late delay in my reply – my notifications were switched off and I did not know that I had messages and comments here. Thank you so much for your comment, which is lovely to hear. What you’ve achieved there – it’s quite difficult for many people, even though there is an ease to it. Thank you once more, Ben.


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