How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

If you take much notice of astrology, you might find Mercury Retrograde worrying. People see it as a time when everything stops, messages don’t get through, electrical equipment breaks, and life becomes quite difficult.

Some astrologers would interpret this time with more subtlety, but in popular culture Mercury Retrograde is seen as a bad time that you want to get through without your phone exploding or your email freezing.

I use angelic magick to keep everything in order. With angelic magick, projects flow smoothly and any problems that do occur always contain useful clues about your life.

I won’t define Mercury Retrograde, because I’m not an astrologer, but you probably know that there are hundreds of days each year that can qualify as Mercury Retrograde, and these are mostly of little concern. But  every few months that are a few very potent and definite Mercury Retrograde days. These are the times when you might need some angelic help.

If you have my book, call to Raphael when Mercury Retrograde is close. You can ask Raphael to guide you through the period of Mercury Retrograde without suffering.

If there are important messages or projects in your life, you can ask for them to be protected by Raphael. Raphael is an archangel associated with Mercury and can help connect you to the flow of change that accompanies this astrological shift without it being a problem.

– Ben Woodcroft

Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft


  1. Hi Ben, I love your book. Concerning protection, I used various angels on separate days to carry of protection and concluded with Sahndalphon. This is because I have heard of omens from certain persons concerning me. Things began to improve. I just don’t know what else to do! I feel it is not ok to simply start other rituals for now. E.g ritual for improve business, or Make someone pay a debt or fulfill a promise. How long should I give a break before embarking on a fresh task?


  2. hello mr Ben Woodcroft i love your books i have privat questions it it spossible to sepak with yout thanks emaila dress


  3. Hi Ben,
    In your book, I see that when working with all of the angels, emotional transmutation is required (i.e.: feeling the situation leading to the problem, followed by feeling how things are currently, followed by feeling the desired end results when the problem is solved).

    However, in your book there are angels that can help deliver insights, guidance, or wisdom. So, what if all we want is simply to get insights/information (especially generic information) from them? How should the emotional transmutation be done then? It’s hard to add emotion into the mix, when there are no problems to begin with, I think? To give you a concrete example: I’m a very curious person, and I like learning a lot about science, the universe, etc, Sometimes I also want to know someone’s true feelings or thoughts. So in these situations, is it enough to state the request to the appropriate angel, without doing the emotional transmutation? Or is the emotional transmutation still required? If so, how should it be done since they are not exactly “problems”? (i.e.: it’s hard to imagine the “situation leading to the problem” if there’s no problem to begin with)



    1. Emotional transmutation is used by The Gallery of Magick and I present something that I believe is substantially different. It takes place in The Preparatory Working and is more about acceptance change following appraisal of the present. I would suggest reviewing that chapter. You draw you attention to a situation you wish to change. In the example you give your lack of knowledge or information is the situation you now find yourself in. You are not required to build tremendous pain or guilt, as is made clear in the text. You are required only to notice this situation and contemplate it, before accepting the possibility of change. I believe you may have found this confusing because you think it is the same as the emotional transmutation technique. I suggest you try to forget about that technique when re-reading the chapter on The Preparatory Working.


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