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Hello everybody. I’m Chris Wood from The Power of Magick Publishing.

With Ben’s new book now released I will be running this blog. I want to bring you the best modern occult writers, and fascinating blog posts from those authors.


I ran Paratine Books for a few months, having great success with Henry Archer’s money book, and have now transformed my company to be The Power of Magick Publishing. Keep following this blog for news of extraordinary books.

Kind Regards, Chris Wood

Ben isn’t gone forever, and he asked me to share this statement with you:

“Hello. This is Ben Woodcroft, signing off from The Power of Magick website, but don’t worry, this isn’t the end of my work, and the site is going to get even better.

When I set up The Power of Magick I had a lot of magick to share and a lot of time on my hands, but life is full of surprises, and now I’m busy with a new project that’s going so well that it’s taken up most of my time. I can’t give you – my wonderful readers – the attention you deserve. And I can’t let the magick fade away, so I made another plan.

A while ago I signed to Paratine Books, owned and run by Chris Wood. Paratine books has now changed its name to The Power of Magick Publishing, and Chris has taken over this website for me. It’s a solution that works for everybody, especially you, the readers.

I will continue to write when I can, and my books will appear here. There will be much more than my work. Chris has plans to make this website a central hub of modern occult publishing. I’m confident that Chris will publish exciting new magick in the coming months and years.

For now, I bid you farewell, but thank you for sending in hundreds of success stories. It is a pleasure to see that magick works for so many of you. Ben Woodcroft”

I wish Ben the best of luck and hope to publish his next book before too long.

Chris Wood




  1. Hi Chris!

    I do love all of your magick books, but I wonder if the magicks contained within are considered practical Kabbalah?

    There’s this article written that says that practical kabbalah is dangerous and that one should stay away from it. Any thoughts?



    1. Some people might label certain aspects of the books as practical kabbalah. If you look on the internet to find out if magick is dangerous you will always find somebody telling you that it is dangerous. Some people think that angels are dangerous. I think crossing a street is far more dangerous. As I’ve said to you before when you asked about financial magick, if magick frightens you try something else.

      I appreciate your comments about the books but I have seen your comments here and on another blog. There are many of them and they are always one of two subjects; either they are questions about the dangers of magick (with the suggestion that magick is dangerous because of evidence presented), or they are questions about what the next book will be about. That’s a curious combination. The cycnic in me would suggest you could be an occult author, trying to find out what’s being published ahead of time to gain an advantage, whilst simultaneously making other authors’ work appear to be dangerous. The less cynical part of me would guess that you have an interest in magick but that you spend a lot of time trying to reinforce a deep-seated fear of occultism. Only you know the answer to this. The books work safely for many people, but if you want to find people to insist to you they are dangerous and evil you will have no shortage of volunteers.

      The forthcoming FAQ will address all fears and doubts but when I moderate comments subsequent to this one, I will not post any that speculate about the dangers of magick. If I believed magick to be in any way dangerous I wouldn’t have started a publising company to make the magick acessible to a wider readership.

      Regards, Chris Wood

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  2. I started practicing the Body of Protection and The Banishing a day ago and they worked great. However, things got a little worse. Is it because they don’t want me to defend myself?

    Another question, is there a way that I could intensify these two rituals times ten, with more power.

    Last question, how do I know the difference between a curse and an entity? Doesn’t a curse requires entities?

    Thank you! Great book!


    1. If things ever get worse it is usually because the magick has yet to arrest the impetus and momentum of the situation you are attempting to improve. If you noticed a change at first that is a good sign. There is no reason an angel would ever ‘not want’ you to protect yourself, but if you have this feeling it may make the magick feel less positive. Try to perform the magick with the expectation that it will work. We should have an FAQ soon to help with these issues soon – I’m getting help from the authors. There is no need to intensify the rituals times ten because if you trust them they will work exactly as they are. A curse doesn’t always require entities, but please note that the entities Ben Woodcroft refers to are the rare exceptions. If you suspect the sort of entity has been sent to attack you it would be a good idea to use the curse freeze as well as the entity ritual, along with the circle. Regards, Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing.


  3. Dear Chris, I recall you mentioned a while ago that when someone is buying the paperback through Amazon, one could get the kindle-ebook for free. Is that still the case, and will it work for every Amazon department or just through
    I own Ben’s first book, and use it on a regular basis, and I have just started to work on Henry’s book. Love them.


    1. Hello Oliver. I’m very pleased to hear that you love the books. We will offer free Kindle Matchbooks indefinitely, unless something changes at Amazon. Unfortunately, this function is only available from the US store, although authors and publishers campaign to expand its reach. If you purchase a paperback from the Matchbook will show in your account when you visit the Matchbook page when you are logged in. Regards, Chris


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