The Questions of Magick

This is just a quick note to let you know that the FAQ has been published. You can read it here:  FAQ

As new authors and books are added to our list I may expand the FAQ into different sections, or set up pages for each author. For now, I hope this provides some answers as we go forward.

Regards, Chris Wood

The Power of Magick Publishing


  1. Hello Chris, I’m Nnamdi. I’d like to ask the difference between speaking to Angels via their sigils and name just as you wrote in your book and drawing a entering circle to visibly see them?
    • Can one singly summone them?
    • Is there a book that has a full details on what to do and get for all Angels?
    • When using your methods, when will one notice that their request hasn’t been answered, how many days will you give and what’s the next thing to do?
    Finally, is there any school for this practices?

    Thank you


    1. Hello. It’s Chris Wood here. Ben Woodcroft wrote the book, and although he will write more books I have taken over publishing. I can’t answer for Ben but I can say that summoning or evocation is a different process not covered in that book. There is no book that covers all angels, as there are angels from so many sources, with thousands in all. With knowing when a result has come I believe you should trust your own sense of intuition but do no let be fear or impatience. If Ben wants to add to this, he does see the questions from time to time but I hope I have covered it all. I do not know of a school that teaches these particualr methods. Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing


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