Works of Magick

If you want to know about magick, what should you read? Books!

And what of the internet? This is going to sound hypocritical of me (I write a magick blog, don’t I?), but I think you need to be very careful about reading online occult material. It’s mostly wrong! There are some good sites, and I hope I this site gets the same reputation – you can tell the good sites, as the authors also write books and have good standing. But the general occult web seems to be written mostly by people who’ve not done their research, and every error is repeated and whispered until there’s nothing but frightening falsehoods.

Read whatever you like, but if you want a little guidance, all these books are worth reading. I’ll start with the theory and then get to more practical works. Theory can be an important part of knowing why things work and what you’re getting into, but remember that no amount of theory will ever shake up the universe the way that a ritual will.

Theoretical Magick

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires by Aaron Leitch

This book gives you a good overview of magick – who did what and when. It’s not an in-depth study, but if you want to get some perspective and know how the systems fit together, this is a good way to learn about the background to the occult.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa

Not an easy read, but this is the one that everybody refers back to. It’s had a huge influence on magick. It’s heavy going at times, but useful to know that lots of occultists from way back then, to the modern day, still use this as a reference. Watch out for the Kindle edition – it’s said to be an incorrect version. Get the physical book.

The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses by Joseph Peterson

An academic look at primary materials that have influenced a lot of magick, including mine.

The Keys to the Gateway of Magic by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine

Although the authors profess that this old magick is presented as a practical work, it is long-winded compared to modern methods. An interesting book, but avoid it if you don’t like books that also touch on demonic works.

Sepher Raziel: A Sixteenth Century English Grimoire, by Don Karr.

Looks at one of the texts claiming to be Sepher Raziel – and interesting insight into the various related texts.

Sepher Raziel Hemelach by Steve Savedow

Highly controversial translation of one of Raziel texts, but interesting nonetheless.

The Books of Enoch by Jospeh Lumpkin

Excellent background material on angels and other spirits, for serious researchers.

A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson

Well researched. Sometimes there’s plenty of information. Other entries are very short. For completion you could also get An Encyclopedia of Angels and Encyclopedia of Angels.

The Book of Immediate Magic by Jacobus Swart

There’s nothing immediate about this long book, but Swart gives an overview of kabbalistic approaches. It’s a little dogmatic, but I agree with many of his spellings and pronunciations as they are almost identical to the ones I use in my own work.

Practical Magick

Please read my books! The first is Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls. What follows is a short list of modern, practical magick.

Words of Power by Damon Brand

With over 250 (mostly positive) reviews on Amazon, I don’t need to say too much. One of the very best modern methods. It’s practical magick using combinations of angelic names, and it works. (Not to be confused with another book called Words of Power by a different author!)

The Sorceror’s Secrets by Jason Miller

Recommended for the meditation, breathing and the general feeling of self-help advice, but be cautious with the very casual demonic work that runs through this text.

7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer

Brought to you by my publisher, Paratine Books, this has a no-nonsense approach to magick with a fascinating array of rare angelic powers.

Instant Magick by Christopher Penczak

This is a book of simple spell-work, but it’s quite safe. Don’t expect miracles, but its interesting.

Practical Sigil Magick by Frater U. D.

You’re certain to come across ‘self-created’ sigils. This books is quite dated and not as practical as you might hope, but this gives you a good overview of approaches.

The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise

Slightly misleading title. This is about working with Names of God by casting your eyes over the Hebrew ‘sigils’, which are three letters in a circle. Very effective for work on self-development and causing changes to occur in subtle ways. Highly recommended.



  1. Hi Ben, since I purchased your book, I work with it a lot and I get wonderful results. So, thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom on angels. I have a question, though. Is there any angel, that can clear up a space? Say, you’re in an apartment for a couple weeks or so, and the energy there really could be better, higher and more positive, but when there is no real chance to get a different place to stay, is there any angel you would call for that? Thanks for your advice in advance. Best wishes, Oliver


  2. I have bought your book , read through and yet to practice it, but I believe in your steps.
    Please which Angel will be good to reveal secrets to me. I am faced with black magic spell, and I want to have an idea of what I did wrong or who placed that spell on me


  3. Dear Ben,
    as I mentioned earlier, your book is simply great, and I am continuously working with it quite a lot. You mentioned above that you are working on a new book about protection. Any idea when it is going to be published?


  4. I have your first book, and love it for its quickie results, in short it worked for me. Will your next book also have a kindle version? I have read your comment above that the book WoP by D.B. should not be mistaken as the book of another author, I know what you mean, can you share me your thoughts about the work of the other author you are referring at?


    1. Hello. Sincere apologies for the late delay in my reply – my notifications were switched off and I did not know that I had messages and comments here. Very pleased to hear you got results from my book. Yes, the plan is always to have a Kindle version, as it can be read all over the world in an instant, on many devices that aren’t even Kindles. I should be careful to avoid a mud-slinging match with another occultist, but the author alluded to was quite careless or rude to use the title “Words of Power” given that D. Brand had been using it that title successfully for an occult book. The author also used many identical chapter titles, which is lazy at best. I am not here to defend Mr Brand, however, but I will say that the other author is not working with material that appears to have a reliable source beyond his imagination.


  5. Hello! Ben, you are a real gem! Thanks a lot for sharing the secret with people all over the world.

    The rituals of Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls are so simplified that everyone find it easier to perform than other angelic rituals. The most experienced occultists who have been performing the rituals claim that Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls is the best magickal book.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Ben,
    I need your help please regarding using your book.
    I already use Zanna Blaise book very frequently.
    Can I use Demon of magick along with you book? Does it conflict?
    Can I do a ritual from Demons of Magick by GOM, and your book for the same purpose or goal. Does your book conflict with demons of magick ? The books mentions demons influence people more directly while angels shift our reality itself but more slowly. I think both are important powers and an effective way of approaching to change our reality when combined.
    Also, as a favour can you edit your kindle book to be able to access the angels from the contents itself. Damon Brands books have easy access to the angels by clicking on the contents section. But Zanna Blaise book does not and I use her book so frequently. It consumes a lot of time looking for the pages every single time as the kindle does not have actual page numbers, they have percentages.
    Thanks for you work, looking forward for your directions 🙂
    cheers Ben


    1. Hello. I believe the angels can be accessed through the contents page. If you bought a very early version when the book was released, that might not have been the case, but I think it was.

      I should also make it clear that I am not a member of The Gallery of Magick, and although I link to one or two of their books, I am not associated with them and my magick is quite different. It is not for me to say whether other magick will work with mine, or contradict it. Generally, it is wise to use a limited number of rituals from one system or many spirits are pulling reality in all directions.


  7. Dear Ben,
    next to the kindle version of your book, I also bought the physical book – but after the cover has been changed. The new cover is an excellent choice and so much better. I work with your book – say – every week to every three days since quite a while. With the paperback mostly. What I really enjoy about the the material of the paperbook-cover is that it doesn’t feel like many other paperback-books on magick, which feel like “plastic”. Whatever material it is your book-cover is made of (it has a little bit of a velvet (?) touch to it), will you have the same material also coming with your next book?
    Best wishes


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