Angelic Pronunciations

On this page there are many videos, showing you how to pronounce the words and names from the book, Angelic Sigils, Keys, and Calls: 142 Ways to Make Instant Contact with Angels and Archangels.



If you’re looking for the audio to Angelic Protection Magick please go to Protection Pronunciations.

The audio on this page is a guide only, and the pronunciation does not need to be copied exactly. This is one person’s interpretation. If you get close, that’s good enough to work.

If you have not read the book yet, I can let you know that it contains 127 visual sigils, used in combination with a ritual process, and these sounds, to communicate your need to the angels.

If you are perusing this site out of interest, and have some knowledge of the occult, you will note that many of these names do not match all published sources, and certainly vary from online (and largely unreliable) sources. The book contains a full explanation regarding the source of the angelic names, divine words, and other words of power used to contact the angels.

These videos play on most devices without problems. If you have any technical issues, please try another device.

The Main Ritual: This covers the opening sounds of The Preparatory Ritual, as well as the words used in The Central Ritual.


The Eight Angels of Virtue: Covering the admitting words and each angelic names.


The Nine Angels of Thrones: Covering the admitting words and each angelic names.


The Archangels: Covering the Key Word and the Archangel Names.


The 72 Angels, Part 1: Covering the key word used in the psalms, and the angels Vehuel, Yeliel, Sitel, Elemel, Mahashel, Lelahel, Achael, Kahetel and Heziel.


The 72 Angels, Part 2: Covering the angels Eladel, Lavel, Hahael, Yezelel, Mebahel, Hariel, Hakemel, Lavahel and Keliel.


The 72 Angels, Part 3: Covering the angels Lovel, Pahalel, Nelachel, Yeyayel, Melahel, Chahoel, Netahel, Haahel and Yeretel.


The 72 Angels, Part 4: Covering the angels Shahahel, Riyiyel, Omael, Lecavel, Vesherel, Yichuel, Lehachel, Kevekel and Menadel.


The 72 Angels, Part 5: Covering the angels Aniel, Chaamel, Rehoel, Yeyizel, Hahahel, Michel, Vevalel, Yelahel and Sealel.


The 72 Angels, Part 6: Covering the angels Ariel, Eshalel, Mihel, Vehuahel, Daniel, Hachashel, Omemel, Nenael and Nitel.


The 72 Angels, Part 7: Covering the angels Mivahel, Pawiel, Nememel, Yeyilel, Harachel, Metzerel, Umabel, Yahahel and Anuel.


The 72 Angels, Part 8: Covering the angels Machiel, Damebel, Menakel, Iyahel, Chavuel, Raahel, Yabamel, Hayiel and Mumiel.


The 42 Angels, Part 1: Covering the angels Orpaniel, Boel, Gavriel, Iophiel, Tumiel, Tzadkiel, Kavtziel and Ravchiel.


The 42 Angels, Part 2: Covering the angels Oziel,  Shemshiel,  Tofiel, Nagriel, Nachliel, Gavoriel, Dahniel and Yehodiel.


The 42 Angels, Part 3: Covering the angels Kevashiel,  Shahariel, Berachiel,  Tahftiel, Rachmiel, Tzafuniel,  Trumiel and Gedodiel.


The 42 Angels, Part 4: Covering the angels Cheziel,  Kumiel, Barkiel, Tahariel, Nuriel, Amiel, Yisrael and Gahdiel.


The 42 Angels, Part 5: Covering the angels Lahaviel,  Pahniel, Zachriel,  Kedoshiel, Shelgiel, Karviel,  Vaviel, Tzuriel, Ialpiel and Tavriel