Theodore Rose FAQ

All answers were written by Chris Wood following extensive conversations with Theodore Rose, who is directly quoted in several places and has approved the content of this page.

If a question appears to be missing, please see the Main FAQ as many general questions that apply to Theodore Rose are answered there.

Theodore Rose is a member of The Order of Unveiled Faces and is the author of Lucifer and The Hidden Demons.


Who are The Order of Unveiled Faces?

In the modern era, there have been many magickal societies, temples and orders, with some using the Latin word Ordo for Order in their title. The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, for example, can be called Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae. A small number of other publicly known orders include Ordo Templi Orientis, the Fraternity of the Inner Light, the Sangreal Sodality, The Temple of Set, and the Rosicrucian Order.

Some orders are known publicly, with many members worldwide. Others are small and secret. It has been observed that the larger the order, the more likely it is to fracture or dissolve. Some orders claim ancient (usually unproven) lineage, while others such as The Illuminates of Thanateros are openly modern (being established in the past half-century.)

The Order of Unveiled Faces is a magickal society operating since 1955, with membership by invitation. It is based in England. Theodore Rose is the author representing The Order of Unveiled Faces.

Is this the same ‘Order’ that runs an online gift shop with a self-published demon guide?

No. “The Order” is an abbreviation used by many of the Ordo societies and other groups. To avoid confusion, it is probably advisable to refer to each order by its full name. The Order of Unveiled Faces is currently represented in public by the book Lucifer and The Hidden Demons.

Are all The Power of Magick authors members of The Order of Unveiled Faces?

No. Only Theodore Rose is a member. Ben Woodcroft,  Henry Archer and Christopher Wood are not members of The Order of Unveiled Faces.

Can we use the demons in Lucifer and The Hidden Demons for purposes other than those listed? I have seen other powers for these demons in other books. Will they work with your method?

The best results will be obtained by using this book as a complete and self-contained system. In many cases, the powers ascribed to demons in other grimoires are incorrect. You can attempt to use other powers, but there is no certainty regarding results.

I haven’t felt anything when performing the rituals, but other people say they have. What am I doing wrong?

Nothing. The book says “The extent to which you are able to see or sense the demon has little bearing on the work you do with that demon.” You can get results without feeling anything at all. There are many similar statements within the book, including, “do not feel a need for an experience of the demon.”

When reading the pathworkings, do we change “you” to “I”?

When speaking or imagining the words, you are talking to yourself and making statements to yourself, so you can leave it as it is written. If you prefer to change it to ‘I’ you may do so.

If working silently, can I ‘speak’ to the demons silently?

In the chapter Summoning Demons it says, “Speaking to the demon can occur within your mind, or you may speak out loud.”

Can I combine this magick with magick from other books to increase the power?

You can, and results may be forthcoming. Adding in additional rituals can serve to increase insecurity regarding the magick and its power to bring about an effect. To bolster your confidence, use a single system.

Could you please clarify or elaborate on a specific demon’s power?

The descriptions given are not deliberately obscure, but you will find that attempting a ritual with a power that you feel may be right is better than being given a more thorough definition of that power.

I made a mistake. Should I repeat the entire ritual?

It is recommended that you observe the quality of results obtained when a mistake was made and adjust future practice accordingly.

You imply that you can ask the Demons for whatever you want. Are there any limits to this?

To quote from the book: “Although magick can and will fail when you ask for too many changes, or changes you resist on an internal level, if you ask wisely, as has been instructed throughout this book, you will get results.”

How come you don’t support evocation? Is pathworking a better way to work than having a spirit manifest before you?

There is value in evocation, but it is not required to get results and was not covered in this book. For most people, as explained, it is too difficult. Pathworking is not intended to obtain a visual manifestation.

How can you tell when a spirit is talking to you without deceiving yourself?

If you sense something talking, and believe it is only your imagination, allow it to talk anyway, as your imagination can be a conduit. If the ‘voice’ you hear gives advice or information that proves to be of value, you can be confident you heard something other than yourself.

What is your best advice for becoming a powerful occultist with great skill in magick?

Read, contemplate and perform rituals as required.

What if what I want to manifest doesn’t align with any of the demons listed in the book?

If you look beneath the surface, you will see that almost every situation is covered in some way, although it may require approaching your problem from a previously unthought of angle.

If I use angelic magick, protection or banishing, how much time should I leave before performing work with Lucifer and The Hidden Demons?

Enough time for it to feel like a separate magickal activity. For most people, an hour will be sufficient.

Can I banish before the ritual?

Yes, but allow an hour or more to pass before performing the pathworking.

In one working can you ask the demon to perform two of its powers?

Given the ease of performing the rituals, it would be wiser to perform two rituals as distinct activities.

You mention in your book that we should not do thirty days of magick to sort out all our issues at once. I didn’t do thirty days, but I almost did. Does this block results or just muddy the waters?

With too many strands of reality being tugged upon, the ensuing entanglement leads to stasis rather than movement.

I’ve seen these demons listed in other books, where they are described as having different powers. Can I use those powers using your method?

You can attempt to do so but the powers listed in this book are the ones most likely to work.

Can this be used at the same time as other “Lucifer methods”?

It’s not recommended, but that is left for you to decide.

Is there an average time to wait before deciding a ritual has failed?

No. Some rituals call for change tomorrow while others are directed at several months or years. If you feel the working has failed, and that it is not due to your own impatience, you should obtain an intuition that a modified approach is required.

Can the book be used at the same time as such as the Grimoire Verum or the demonolatry methods of other authors?

As explained in the book the Grimoire Verum is flawed, while most “demonolatry” methods are close to being chaos magick. It is not recommended.

Are the demons in your book which share a name, or similar name, to that of the 72 demons of Goetia, the same supernatural beings, or different?

The answer to this is too complex for this FAQ but may be answered at a later date.

When using the power to cause one you desire to feel passion for you, can I aim it at several people at once?

You can aim any ritual at several people, but this usually lacks the desire required for a result.

I struggle a bit sometimes with my wording for the request. Any advice?

Take your time and reach for wording that sincerely reflects your desire.

My mind often drifts as I try to dwell on the various images. Is there a way to stop this?

If you find your mind drifting, move to the next image.

Have you considered creating a sort of “oracle” type deck featuring the demons and their pathworkings?

The danger with extremely short summaries, in whatever physical form, is that they can lead to the work being trivialised by those who do not know the complete text. Personal decks, created to serve as reminders, are an option, but the time may be better spent on experiencing magick.

If I want to curse a group of people who are working together against me, should I name all the people of the group in the same ritual, or perform a different ritual for each person?

Most occultists would recommend one ritual to curse the group, using their official name or one you invent for them, and a second ritual to curse the main suspect.

I lose my focus using multiple pathworkings for multiple spirits, one after another, until finally, I can contact the demon I want to contact. Why is it not enough to contact Lucifer then move on to the spirit or demon directly?

The system is what it is, and practice is the best way to avoid losing focus.

Are there pathworkings for other spirits, and if so, will you share them?

In some cases, there are pathworkings. Books covering these remain a possibility.

If healing can be called for animals, why is there no complete healing method for people?

Complete healing is possible by combining these powers; To bring relief from pain; To endure pain with bravery until healing occurs; To limit the effects of disease and illness.

When sitting in the corner of a room, facing outward, does this mean facing outward from the corner and into the room? Or facing outward from the room and thus into the corner?

Outward from the corner, into the room.

In other magickal books that I’ve read, it’s recommended to put in as much of your own effort as possible to help achieve the results you ask for. Is it the same case here?

Magick can manifest a result without any effort on your part, as with a curse. Where personal effort is an option, you may create more opportunities for the magick to manifest, but it is wise to trust your feelings. If you sense that a particular effort is ‘more of the same’, don’t maintain that pressure. Instead, relax your efforts until it becomes clear where your efforts would be more effectively applied.

What is the most appropriate way to thank the demons after a result has been granted?

The thanks given in the ritual itself are enough, and you don’t need to do anything else when the result occurs.

I have another question about using a demon in a specific way.

Try the magick without worrying about whether you have every detail or intention in place, see what happens, and learn.