Ben Woodcroft FAQ

All answers were written by Chris Wood following extensive conversations with Ben Woodcroft, along with paraphrasing of previous answers. Ben has approved the content on this page.

If a question appears to be missing, please see the Main FAQ as many general questions that apply to Ben Woodcroft are answered there.

Ben Woodcroft is the author of two best-selling books; Angelic Protection Magick and Angelic Sigils, Seals and Calls. His new book is The Angel Overlords.

Is Angelic Protection Magick suitable for really stubborn workings like love bindings, Voodoo, Satanism, and Santería?

One of the primary intentions was to share magick that works whatever the source or nature of the attack.

I’ve performed baneful magick and now regret it. Will Angelic Protection Magick help me?

If you are experiencing problems after using dark magick, the combination of The Body of Protection and The Circle Banishing will clear and settle your circumstances.

In The Circle Banishing, why is Raphael located at the North and not the East as found in rituals by the Golden Dawn?

In the book, it says that some texts and documents pre-date materials used by the Golden Dawn, and these documents show various arrangements and differing correspondences. There are alternatives that work, and Ben says, “Sometimes you face East, and call Raphael before you. Other times you face North and call Raphael to manifest behind you. All these variations have been found to work.” To fully reveal or expand on the theory would make the book more opaque and perplexing to readers. If the magick works, that is enough.

What is the inspiration behind the Admitting Words?

The Admitting Words are found in various primary source materials, many of which would be familiar to widely-read workers of magick. The method for their use was obtained through direct instruction, supported by outlines found in some older documents.

In Freezing a Curse from Angelic Protection Magick, when or how do look I at the sigil provided?

The book says, “You will need to keep this sigil within sight during the ritual.” That is all that’s required – the presence of the sigil and nothing more complex.

Can you ask an angel to use all its various powers in one ritual?

You can, but focus on one desire is usually more effective. If you believe all the powers are needed for a single problem, they may work in harmony and can be used in a single ritual.

Can a protective spirit get trapped inside me if I use the Freezing a Curse ritual?

No, that won’t happen. Following a ritual, you may sense this sort of situation, but it is an illusion caused by the ritual (only in those who are very sensitive) and will pass.

I can feel the curse lingering, even though I froze it and it no longer affects me.

A particularly sensitive person may remain aware of a curse for some days, but as it is now harmless, the sensation soon fades.

Can I use the rituals from Angelic Protection Magick at the same time as Lucifer and the Hidden Demons?

The protection does not shield you from all spirits so you can choose to work with other spirits from another system at the same time.

How do you thank the angel after you’ve got your result?

You give thanks, sincerely, in advance as detailed in the book. By doing this within the ritual, and meaning it, there is no further need to offer additional thanks. To the angels, time is fluid, and your earlier offering of thanks is sufficient.

How many ritual workings can I perform in one session?

Ben said, “Throughout the book, I recommend no more than one ritual on each day. I suggest only one archangel for one problem each day at the most, and patient magick will bring a better outcome.”

Do I have to look at the sigil at the same time as making The Ritual Call?

No. You look at the sigil while calling the angel’s name, and then you can read The Ritual Call. If you learn The Ritual Call, you can look at the sigil as you speak, but this is not how most people perform the ritual.

When you seek guidance about a particular person or situation, what is the most common way that the angel will give you the answer?

It can be pure intuition; a feeling and nothing more. At other times you may feel unusual sensations, see omens, or hear voices. Instead of looking for the most common way to obtain an answer, remain open to all that is around you, to see if you can interpret what you perceive. You can spend some time contemplating the problem or situation without trying to solve it, once a day, and then let go and see if that stimulates a thought, a reaction or something else within.

Some books say you should do a ritual for eleven days. Do you agree that repetition can help?

In some situations, repetition can lead to poor focus, doubt, and even boredom. One ritual performed with great desire and enthusiasm is recommend.

Where do these angels and the sigils come from?

A complete answer is far too complex to cover in this short FAQ, but the origins are discussed to some extent in some of the books.

Can I attract negative spirits while I perform these rituals?

The rituals are formed so that protection is inherent within the ritual and strengthened by the angel. The Central Working is a strong protection in itself.

Can I use your method with powers listed in another author’s book, for the same angels?

The powers of the angels are open to broad interpretation. It is possible that other powers are available using the method presented in this book.

How can I hear the angels?

There is nothing better than practice, and allowing it to happen without force.

Which angel could help with my specific problem?

People often ask for advice on choosing an angel, and it is worth taking the time to read through all the powers in the book. If time is short, note that the  powers of Metatron are wide in scope.





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