The Magickal Spectrum

There are many kinds of magick being worked today, and my personal take on the matter is that lots of this modern magick works.

I’m just as happy using a simple spell as I am calling on an angel. All that matters to me is that the magick triggers a change, without causing harm. My magick does not work with dark forces. This does not mean you have to pray or worship, but it will certainly help if you have some respect and wonder for the creative might of the universe.

I plan to share my knowledge, for what it’s worth, in the pages of this blog, and in the pages of my books, which should be published quite soon.

Magick books have always been available, but never so easily. Once upon a time you had to know where to look, and then you would write to a mail-order company, with your dusky magickal tome arriving some weeks later in a plain brown envelope. Today, there are thousands of books with glorious covers and big ideas, and you can read them within seconds of buying them if you’re willing to read an ebook.

This is a revolution, and something that pleases me, because the power of the elite and the hidden is now being made available to anybody with an open mind and heart, who can spare a few dollars. It feels right that I should contribute what I have come to know.

The past few years have seen some of the true secrets of magick being revealed, along with the usual trash that follows in its wake. This is how it’s always been. I will leave it for you to judge whether what I write for you is trash or gold.

Consider this question. Do we live in a world of darkness or a world of light? Some might say we live in a murky mix of shadow. I prefer to think that life is pure white light, split by the spectrum of experience. Existence and experience can shield us from the brilliance that is available. But magick is always there. Magick is a way of returning to the brilliance of your life. That’s what I hope to share with you here.

Ben Woodcroft




    1. You can do it all at once, but leave enough time that the ritual doesn’t feel burdensome, draining or, worst of all, boring. Your full focus should be on the ritual.


  1. Hi Ben. What if I have more than one physical issues. Can one Angel take care of all the issues in one ritual?


    1. You can ask for a broad help with recovery, and within that request, be more specific. If that doesn’t work you may need to approach each issue separately, because sometimes you will find one issue responds extremely well and other issues do not respond as well. Separating them out can help direct the power where it works. Apologies for the late reply due to my notifications being off. Ben.


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