Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls

Whatever you dream of can be yours, with the help of angels and archangels.The most powerful magick has been concentrated down into a simple magick ritual.

I’m delighted to introduce you to Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls: 142 Ways to Make Instant Contact with Angels and Archangels coverbw

Five Star Rating on Amazon

It is an amazing and simplified system.’

‘This is one beautiful and elegant system of magic.
Profound methods are presented in a very clear way.’

Using this magick, the angels and archangels will hear your request. They can satisfy your deepest desires. The secret sigils, keys and calls make it possible to establish instant contact.

You’ll find angels and rituals for every desire, from major life changes to minor problems, covering powers related to money, love, the spirit, self understanding and healing.

What makes this different to the other angel books?

It contains the simplest magick ritual that gets results.

Rituals only need to be performed once, on any day that you choose.

There are 127 sigils, with the Secret Admitting Words that make them work.

You will find sigils for Archangels, The Angels of Thrones, The Angels of Virtue, The 72 Shem Angels and The 42 Angels of The Name.

There’s free online audio that makes pronunciation easy.

With many magick books, working out the correct pronunciation can be a challenge. I’ve solved that problem for you, with a host of videos on this page.


The book is ideal for complete beginners, but can be used to great effect by the experienced, so long as you have an open mind.

Using the Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls, you have access to  more than 330 individual powers, making this is the most comprehensive angel book you can find, but for a fraction of the cost.

If you feel that angelic magick could work for you, that is a sign that it will work for you. Discover the power of Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls.


Paperback and ebook now available.
The ebook can be read on almost any device, with the free Kindle app.

Ben Woodcroft

11 thoughts on “Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls

  1. Dear Ben, I just purchased your book (Angelic sigils) couple of days ago, and I am more than looking forward to be reading it and working with it. – What in your opinion is the difference between this kind of angelic magick and enochian magic? Would you consider them to be close to each other in any way? (I am not experienced in any of these two systems yet) – Sorry for my mistakes in English, I am not a native speaker. Best wishes, Oliver


    • Hello Oliver. Enochian is a complex system revealed to just two people, whereas the angels in my book are referenced everywhere from pre-Biblical texts, right through to modern works of kabbalah. I think there is a relationship, but it is a very complicated one, in which the Enochian angels are in fact another way of getting through to angelic power and presence. It’s too complex and controversial for me to go into detail here, but I think the easiest way to work is to think of them as completely separate sets of angels, and different magickal methods.


      • Hello Ben, thanks a lot for your answer and for clearing this up. Meanwhile I have not only read your book through, but also performed my first ritual today. 🙂 So, exciting times!! A big compliment for you. I enjoyed your writing style a lot and also your excellent explanations and descriptions. – Are you currently working on a new book? Any infos on what it is going to be about?


        • Thank you Oliver. I have started writing two books, but as you may gathered from my recent blog post I am feeling slightly disillusioned by occult publishing. I am considering other options for making the work available. Books could still be the method of choice, but I am in no rush. Every time I hear from an enthusiastic reader it gives me motivation.


  2. After having read your book I thought I understood how to proceed calling the Archangel Tzadkiel. But I
    read page 146 regardig Tzadkiel and became confused. When do you use the Opening Key Word and
    the Admitting Word? I thought that the Archangel Ritual was the ritual to follow. I would appreciate some
    clarification. Thank you.


  3. Hello Tee. Thank you for buying the book. Tzadkiel as listed on Page 146 is not the archangel. I list the archangel as Zadkiel (described on page 45 with the sigil on page 52). If you look at the table of contents you will see the list of archangels, and you’ll also see that Tzadkiel is not there, but is listed under The Angels of the 42 Letter Name much later in the book.

    For the Archangel you’d used the ritual on page 48. For Tzadkiel, who here is presented not as an archangel but as one of the angels of the 42 letter name, you’d use the ritual on page 140.

    Tzadkiel and Zadkiel and Tsadkiel and all these names – it can be quite confusing when there are so many that sound the same, and are identical in Hebrew, but if you check which section of the book you are in, that should guide you. I hope that clears things up.


  4. Thank you for your quick reply. I didn’t realize that Tzadkiel and Zadkiel are different angels. Others that have your book that are far more advanced then I weren’t sure if they were different angels. It has been recommended
    to me to say the Ritual Call in The Achangel Ritual many times to insure that Zadkiel turns up. What are your
    thoughts about this? Thank you.


    • The problem is that these version of the names are all approximations.Sometimes what’s written in Hebrew is identical for very different angels. Sometimes the Hebrew is very different, but we write it the same in English. It can be confusing. That’s why I used Zadkiel for the archangel. You can also write Tsadkiel or Tzadkiel for the same archangel. Books such as mine attempt to simplify this, but with so many angels, it can become confusing.

      The advice you’ve been given is quite commonly offered, and it may work. The problem, I fear, is that going into the ritual with the belief that it is difficult, and that it will take lots of effort and repetition is to start from a place of feeling like it will fail or will be difficult. If you follow the basic instructions it will work, so long as you can trust that. You may do it the other way, and see which you prefer.


  5. Read about your ability to communicate with the Angels. I plan on working with some of the 72 Angels including
    Vehulah. I have read that one of his attributes he has is to make contact with the Angels easier. Can you give some
    recommendations that will help to hear these Angels. I have contacted Poliel through your method
    and during the Call had very strong energy filling my mind and a strong sense that he was there but was unable
    to hear him.


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