Protection Magick


I’m delighted to announced that Angelic Protection Magick has finally been published.

You can buy the paperback or eBook here:

I have done everything I can to create a book that is safe, useful and easy to use. I hope that you enjoy it. This is what it says on the cover:

“Angelic protection is gentle, calm and kind, yet powerful, subtle and cunning. This bright, white magick can make your enemies tremble with awe while keeping you safe with the power of light.

The angels can be called to protect you from violence, bad luck, curses, and attack. They can even protect you from unintentional attack, when somebody else’s negative energy is infecting your life, or when the dark thoughts of those nearby bring you harm.

The magick is easy to learn and powerful. It can solve an immediate problem or provide ongoing protection. You won’t light a single candle, and there is nothing else to buy. All you need is this book.

The Body of Protection invokes archangels for ongoing protection, or to provide an immediate boost to any other protection workings.

The Circle Banishing rids you of negative energies, strange entities and supernatural attacks.

The Illumination increases your magickal presence on the astral plane so that angels will hear you, while providing a shield against anything or anybody that may try to take advantage of your open magickal state.

When you suspect that a curse has been set against you, there is an angelic ritual for Freezing a Curse. 

A Shield Against Magick works when you suspect that somebody is trying to influence you with magick.

Remove Entities and Attachments will remove entities that drain energy, bring bad luck and illness, bringing rare freedom.

Diminish Violent Energy can lessen the violent energy in an area or home.

Protect Your Home repels thieves, vandals and even reduces the number of accidents that cause damage. Silence the Cruel stops the spread of gossip and rumor or unfair comments. This works whether the offender is talking about you directly, openly, anonymously, or even when writing online.

Charm Your Enemy is a surprisingly effective way to take power away from an unkind individual.

Emergency Protection is for times when you are lost, afraid or in any situation where danger feels imminent. You can bring angelic protection upon yourself instantly.

The book closes with a chapter on Protecting Others, which shows how the rituals can be adjusted and adapted to bring protection to your loved ones.”

Sincere thanks for your patience and interest in my work.

Regards, Ben Woodcroft



  1. I think it’s quite common to feel that you’re messing with dangerous powers when you first start magick, I know I did.I started with magick three years ago and the author said that it was important not to worry about repercussions such as ‘fuses blowing’ and the like, well the fuse in my kitchen blew 3 or 4 times in two weeks which kinda suggested to me that this is a fairly frequent occurence as the author mentioned exactly this phenomenen. This whole thing intrigued more than scared me, because something was happening and I couldn’t quite see it as a coincidence as it stopped as suddenly as it started without any further problems arising.I don’t think something awful will happen to me, or anything like that but I do think weird stuff can ‘leak’ into the more mundane aspects of our lives.Having said that I’m little more than a beginner and so would not presume to know much about it really.I would be interested to hear if you have heard of similar occurences.


    1. I have spoken with many occultists, wiccans and the like, who report similar experiences when starting out. I am certain that some people stop at this point. Those who continue find that it settles and that this slight fragmenting of reality was an adjustment process when magick was first commenced. Regards, Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing.


  2. Hi there Chris,

    Many thanks to Ben and yourself for another wonderful book. I was just looking to clarify whether the preparation ritual for the Emergency Protection
    magick should be repeated if you ever have to use the protective phrase?

    Thanks a lot,


  3. This looks like an excellent book. I’m glad to see something that covers all my concerns in one book! I’m so excited that I will purchase it today and get started! I have done many LBRP , BHP, and Rose cross. The effects have been good, but I believe this book offers needed updates. Thanks for your efforts!


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