Angelic Trance Magick

It’s been a while, but I’m delighted to bring you something new from Ben Woodcroft. This is quite different. It’s a very understated book.

Ben does make some amazing claims in the first few pages but the book is not a hype-machine. It’s a gentle look at a different kind of magick. I welcome this addition because it gives you a genuinely new way to perform rituals.

This magick can work when you’re in great need. It can work in an instant. And it can take you much deeper.

I think the danger is that Ben’s method might appear to be too simple. I hope readers will find, as I did, that there is much more here than meets the eye.

Ben asked me to keep the price as low as possible, despite using high quality images, and I’ve done that for you.

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The angelic trance is easy to achieve, and its effects are profound. Follow brief magickal instruction, and your life will change for the better. 

By using the sigils in this book, you seek the help of angels, and they will ease you into the required trance. The trance is very light, safe, and not in any way disturbing, so you don’t need to worry that you’ll have to get completely zoned out. It’s much easier than that. 

The angels will not refuse to help when you communicate your sincere needs. Your life will begin to transform in ways that benefit you now and in the future. 

No need to say any magick words.

No equipment or ceremony.

An easy method that works automatically.

Magick that works even when you feel desperate.

Instant relief for feelings such as anxiety.

Solve problems or manifest desires.

You will never attract anything you don’t want, or that isn’t right for you now. This magick works without causing any disruption.

The book also covers methods for creating deeper trance, and a method for combining rituals called The Chain of Trance. Although short, this book contains a huge amount of practical magick.

Ben Woodcroft is one of the most respected modern occultists, and here he presents a safe way to connect with the angels that’s unlike anything ever published.

Chris Wood

Get the ebook here.
Get the paperback here.