How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

If you take much notice of astrology, you might find Mercury Retrograde worrying. People see it as a time when everything stops, messages don’t get through, electrical equipment breaks, and life becomes quite difficult.

Some astrologers would interpret this time with more subtlety, but in popular culture Mercury Retrograde is seen as a bad time that you want to get through without your phone exploding or your email freezing.

I use angelic magick to keep everything in order. With angelic magick, projects flow smoothly and any problems that do occur always contain useful clues about your life.

I won’t define Mercury Retrograde, because I’m not an astrologer, but you probably know that there are hundreds of days each year that can qualify as Mercury Retrograde, and these are mostly of little concern. But  every few months that are a few very potent and definite Mercury Retrograde days. These are the times when you might need some angelic help.

If you have my book, call to Raphael when Mercury Retrograde is close. You can ask Raphael to guide you through the period of Mercury Retrograde without suffering.

If there are important messages or projects in your life, you can ask for them to be protected by Raphael. Raphael is an archangel associated with Mercury and can help connect you to the flow of change that accompanies this astrological shift without it being a problem.

– Ben Woodcroft

Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft


    1. Apologies for the delay in replying. I have been elsewhere and did not see your post until this very moment. Your thanks is given, sincerely, in advance. By doing this within the ritual, and meaning it, there is no further need to offer additional thanks. To the angels, time is fluid and your earlier offering of thanks is quite sufficient.


  1. I don’t think i saw it from your Book if you did noted that.
    how many Ritual Work can We perform In one setting ?
    how would you recommend it .

    Also The ArchAngel ritual
    do we perform that in singularity or this spell have to be been Naming each one of them? Individually after one another?
    sorry for all the Question I have read the book… I am working on a current ritual using the ANGEL AHN-YAHM
    just a few things i probably have missed.


    1. Throughout the book I recommend no more than one ritual on each day. I suggest only one archangel for one problem each day at the most, and patient magick will bring a better outcome. I hope that has answered your questions.


  2. Deviation is a big subject to me in this Art being able to receive message to help someone
    .. .one of Elders do divination with a candle and he silently says his prayers and can tell you a lot of things.

    My question is are there any work or angels that can help you through with that? Learning more can help with divination?


  3. Just got this book I am onto affiliate marketing what magic I can use to bring people to me and to have successs in the field and become more will known online ?


    1. You could start with Nagriel: “Achieve greatness in marketing or spreading a message.” I believe the best way is to read the whole book in detail and see what ideas and abilities leap out at you.


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