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I’m delighted to announced that Angelic Protection Magick has finally been published.

You can buy the paperback or eBook here:

I have done everything I can to create a book that is safe, useful and easy to use. I hope that you enjoy it. This is what it says on the cover:

“Angelic protection is gentle, calm and kind, yet powerful, subtle and cunning. This bright, white magick can make your enemies tremble with awe while keeping you safe with the power of light.

The angels can be called to protect you from violence, bad luck, curses, and attack. They can even protect you from unintentional attack, when somebody else’s negative energy is infecting your life, or when the dark thoughts of those nearby bring you harm.

The magick is easy to learn and powerful. It can solve an immediate problem or provide ongoing protection. You won’t light a single candle, and there is nothing else to buy. All you need is this book.

The Body of Protection invokes archangels for ongoing protection, or to provide an immediate boost to any other protection workings.

The Circle Banishing rids you of negative energies, strange entities and supernatural attacks.

The Illumination increases your magickal presence on the astral plane so that angels will hear you, while providing a shield against anything or anybody that may try to take advantage of your open magickal state.

When you suspect that a curse has been set against you, there is an angelic ritual for Freezing a Curse. 

A Shield Against Magick works when you suspect that somebody is trying to influence you with magick.

Remove Entities and Attachments will remove entities that drain energy, bring bad luck and illness, bringing rare freedom.

Diminish Violent Energy can lessen the violent energy in an area or home.

Protect Your Home repels thieves, vandals and even reduces the number of accidents that cause damage. Silence the Cruel stops the spread of gossip and rumor or unfair comments. This works whether the offender is talking about you directly, openly, anonymously, or even when writing online.

Charm Your Enemy is a surprisingly effective way to take power away from an unkind individual.

Emergency Protection is for times when you are lost, afraid or in any situation where danger feels imminent. You can bring angelic protection upon yourself instantly.

The book closes with a chapter on Protecting Others, which shows how the rituals can be adjusted and adapted to bring protection to your loved ones.”

Sincere thanks for your patience and interest in my work.

Regards, Ben Woodcroft



  1. Hey Chris love the 3 books, congrats! I know you are not supposed to answer this question but do you guys have benefited or expand your knowledge with Gallery of Magick books? What do you guys think? Because 2 of your books are really similar but of course much simpler and straightforward.


    1. I am sure that the popularity of other publishers has helped occult publishing to grow in recent years. I will only publish books that cover new material or cover old material in news ways. Regards, Chris


  2. Nice to meet you Chris!

    I assume you practise magick? Would like to know your thoughts about something…

    I was just reading this forum thread about someone who shared their experience using financial magick, similar to Henry’s book.

    The person used some sigils and invoked a well known spirit too, to request for some money.

    The person ended up getting into a car accident (not at fault though) and the car was totally wrecked.

    Anyway, from the settlement, they got an amount of money that’s around the same amount asked during the ritual.

    That’s pretty scary! When doing money/financial magick, how is one supposed to do it in order to avoid such a result?

    Anyone would love to get some extras cash, but obviously not in a terrible manner. I’ve also heard about similar stories about people who do money magick and end up getting the money because a relative passed away, for instance.

    How should the request be worded, so that the result is as safe, peaceful, and gentle as possible? Anything else to do?


    1. Hello. Are you sure the magick was similar to Henry’s? Whatever the case may be I will confirm that magick does not produce results in this fashion. With all the sales of money magick books in the past five or six years there are probably tens of thousands of people performing magick alongside experienced occultists who have been doing this for many years, and there are almost no stories of problems, but thousands of success stories. People crash cars every day, due to fatigue, alcohol, texting, poor skills and other reasons, and somebody else is often the unfortunate victim. People die every day and inheritances are received. If you do no magick, you assume this is normal. If you perform magick, you may assume the inheritance or accident was caused by the magick. Unfortunately, accidents and deaths are a normal part of life and every few months. If you perform magick, you can see the next accident in your life as the making taking revenge, or you can see it as normal life. Sometimes it appears that the magick produced the exact amount, reinforcing this belief, but stories like this are coincidence and sometimes disinformation to discourage those who seek magick. You now have a personal choice and one I cannot influence. You can believe that magick works in this way and turn away from it, or you can know that most magick is not even capable of causing such results. If you look at all the curses being cast and how many people actually suffer as a result, you will see that causing physical damage to another person is next to impossible. With some magick you may be able to cause sickness or injury, but death or severe accidents, no. It is exceptionally difficult to interfere with somebody’s life in that way. Even those who go down very dark paths, and make blood pacts with demons on devils are unable to cause as much havoc as they would have you believe. It can be done, but it is rare. Magick can cause harm, but there is a limit on how much you can affect somebody else’s life without persistent effort. The same applies to your own life, and even if you cursed yourself, you would not see much damage. Understanding that helps you to see that money magick is powerful and effective when working on what it was designed to do, but not capable of bringing about results in a harmful way. You may hear people say that magick takes the easiest pathway, and that is true, but an accident or death is not the easiest pathway. Accidents and death are difficult to force, even with determined magick, so having them happen unintentionally is impossible. If this myth were true, would Henry have so many people talking about the easy, positive experiences they’ve had with magick? I appreciate that stories like this can conjure up fear. If so, magick may not be for you, as it will leave you feeling uncomfortable. I do not believe, in regards to Henry’s book at least, that any changes are required for the magick to be safe. Regards, Chris Wood.


    2. I would like to add one more thing. I also received an anonymous message on the same approximate subject which I could not reply to, regarding the work of The Gallery of Magick. This is my response. “I cannot comment on the magick of other publishers but I do not believe the magick you describe would cause this effect. What appears to be connected is coincidence. Negative stories like this are vastly outnumbered by positive ones, and occultism would die out if it was possible that magick could bring results in a brutal way. I, for one, would abandon the subject completely if I thought this could happen. Nitika, although not featured in our books, has a reputation for being one of the most benign spirits, indidentally.” Regards, Chris Wood.

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  3. Excited that your newest book has finally been released, Ben! Your 2 books are already powerful enough, but I wonder if you plan on releasing more books in the future? If so, on what subjects? I’m very curious as your first angel book is already very comprehensive. But any new angel books are always welcome, of course! Would be glad if you can give some hints…. 🙂


    1. Chris Wood here, as Ben’s no longer running the site. You might get an impression of future plans here:

      I’m afraid that in recent years when an author announces an upcoming book, would-be writers produce a quick copy-cat book with the same title and try to benefit from the publicity. This is unfair to authors and confusing for readers. For this reason and others I won’t reveal the nature of upcoming titles. Sometimes books will be published frequently and we may go for months without anything new because my aim is to publish only the best books. I hope you find them interesting. Many new subjects will be explored.

      Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing.


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