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The same questions were being repeated, and activity here had died down.

You can fine The FAQs here.

Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing


This is by far my favorite book. I haven’t used another book since its release. I receive instant results. – Amazon Customer

Get this book, get it now, read it, and change the rest of your life and the way you’re living it! – Amazon Customer

I have done the rituals with results manifesting within hours. I have been working with magick for sometime and this book is already in my top 5. – Amazon Customer

This is book an absolute treasure of information. It is one of the most POWERFUL and practical ways to work with demons to get what you desire in life. This is a book of raw power. – Amazon Customer

A true masterpiece. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. The spirits hear you and they will respond. – Amazon Customer


In just a couple short weeks of performing the first 4 rituals money is flowing in from all over the place. – Amazon Customer

Honestly; this book should be the first book to read on money magick. – Amazon Customer

Very important and powerful foundational work, and probably the easiest rituals you’ll ever do technique-wise. – Amazon Customer

It only took ritual one for me to start seeing more income coming through. – Amazon Customer


It is a very intelligent approach to protection and provides methods which you won’t find in other books. – Amazon Customer

If I could rate this book higher than 5 Stars, I would! It is at least a 100 Star rated book! – Amazon Customer

It is the best book in the subject I’ve got! The rituals are very easy to perform and I found it effective. You not going to be disappointed. – Amazon Customer

This book is a masterpiece! Anyone who has ever been the target of malignant spiritual attack will greatly benefit from these teachings. – Amazon Customer

Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft

If you want Change at your Command in your life, you NEED this Book! – Amazon Customer

Okay, so I admit I was skeptical about this book. Thinking the author was out to make a quick buck riding on the success of the Gallery of Magick books. But I couldn’t be happier that I was so wrong. – Amazon Customer

Actually worked the first night I used it. Thank you for writing a great book for life-changing rituals that the everyday person can follow. – Amazon Customer

This works! GET IT!! – Amazon Customer


  1. No questions, just an expression of deep gratitude for the work presented in these books. Thank you all for the knowledge. I value all of it more than I could ever say. And…for Mr. Archer…you provided exactly what I needed before I realized I needed it.


  2. To Theodore Rose,
    1)Will you ever release your rituals on how to contact demons like Lilith, Samael, Azazel, and shemyaza
    2) How come you don’t support evocation? Is the patchworking a better way to work then having a spirit manifest before you?
    3) do you do daily meditations for clarity of mind and all the other benefits of meditation or do you not recommend it
    4) How can you tell when a spirit is talking to you without you talking to yourself and deceiving yourself. I cannot tell the difference even when I ask questions directly. There has only been one case where I was sure it was the spirit and the words were very brief but clear
    5) What is your best advice for becoming a powerful occultist and great skill in magick?

    For Henry archer & Ben Woodcroft (whichever is interested)
    1) will you ever release a book on planetary magick (Jupiter, mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury etc)
    2) will you ever release magick on the enochian Angels?
    3) will you ever release magick on the seals of Solomon?

    To Power of magick Publishing authors (including chris wood)
    If you find the right ritual it seems it’s possble to evoke Jesus Christ. We all know now that it is possible to evoke the greatest demons and gods from so many traditions. We can call on the mighty archangels and they will answer our call. But besides the 72 names of god and many other sources that call on the powers of god through Hebrew letters. Why hasn’t anybody talked about calling YHVH or Jehovah on directly through ritual. I don’t think I ve heard once if it was possible to evoke or call on YHVH. Why is that? Does anyone have any information on calling on YHVH or is the being really the creator of all things so it is Not possible. I feel like I’m the only one asking this question because I Hear it from no one. Even Solomon didn’t have contact with god but with the angels that sent messages from god. So my question is, is it possible to fully evoke the judeo -Christian god Yahweh?

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    1. Hello Steven, I’m afraid I had to edit out your 6th question for legal reasons. I will pass the rest to the authors, but please note that Thedore Rose is not somebody who ‘doesnt support evocation’. In the book he says “Direct visual evocation has value but is not required.” From personal conversations I know he believes in its value and reality, but acknowledges the uncomfortable truth that for most people, evocation is too difficult. The workaround in his book has helped many people who’ve struggled with evocation to sense the demons, perhaps even more strongly than in many evocations, and to obtain results. The subject remains open and he may have more to say in another book. Theodore may elaborate on this in the FAQ. I will pass the questions on to the authors.

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      1. For Theodore. As I go through the various path-workings in between the images my mind often drifts as I try to dwell on the various images. Is this a problem? Does it interfere in any way with the power and effectiveness of the working and making contact with the demons? Thanking you in advance.


  3. This question is for Mr. Woodcroft.

    First, a heartfelt thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    The question: I performed the Freeze a Curse ritual on a particularly nasty one and it worked perfectly.

    The issue was that when it froze, it a) seemed to lock inside it my own protections that had been working against it, and they can’t get out, and

    b) I am still aware of the curse – it is still kind of “in my way” even though it is now inert.

    Any suggestions on how to deal with that?

    Thank you


    1. Could you please clarify the first question before you pass it on. I’m not sure how protections get locked in and can’t get out. Does that mean your protections are no longer working, or is it a sensation or feeling that they’re locked in? If so, what are they locked in? Protections should continue to work without change after using the Freeze a Curse ritual. I’m glad it worked for you but before sending this to the author I’d like to make sure I know exactly what you mean.


      1. Sure. The rest of my protections still seem to be working, it just feels like an active protective spirit is trapped inside the frozen curse and is trying to get out. One of the genius spirits from Brand’s book perhaps? It’s definitely not an angel.

        This situation is like nothing I’ve ever encountered.

        On the plus side, it does feel like the frozen curse is very slowly dissipating over time.


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