The Magick of Angels and Demons

Welcome to a new book from our best-selling author, Henry Archer.


Available in eBook or Paperback

This underground magick can satisfy your desires, meet your needs, while protecting you, bringing fortune, influence, passion, justice, and money.

Combine the magick of angels and demons and you get an unheard-of way to control your life.  The Union of Power is a priceless method for tasking the angels and demons, without any sacrifice or lengthy rituals.

Discover sigils and methods that have been kept secret, until now. There are hundreds of books about the seventy-two angels, and thousands of books about the demons of Goetia, but there has never been anything like this. The ritual used here is absolutely unique.

The harmony of power is created by getting the demons to operate in the realm where they thrive. They are overseen by the wisdom and might of the angels. The magick is safe, comprehensive, and uncomplicated.

You get to use over four hundred spectacular powers, and all can be adapted to create thousands of magickal outcomes. The huge range of powers gives you great freedom and means this book could be the focus of your magick for a long time, with solutions for almost any problem.

These secrets are backed up by a lifetime of research, and it provides all the proof you need. The joy is discovering that this staggering magick can bring you a remarkable life.

Henry Archer has written an extraordinary masterwork of thrilling ideas that finally unlock the magick of angels and demons.


Available in eBook or Paperback


  1. Hi, very interesting book, thank you to Henry and to the POM.
    Some questions: does Henry could tell about the possibility to work with the Goetikon?, could please Henry to elaborate a little more about the use of blood working with demons?, where he says that the demons could be tempted but maybe unleashing a side of the demon that is not in tune with our desires.

    I want to say that the 5 first chapters: The Union of Magickal Power, The Collective Power, Practical Magick, Choosing the Right Power and The Ritual of Union are all of those full of great info and a several “Magickal Tips” or “Rules of Thumb”, even shedding light helping to clarify some issues and maybe long-time held questions (several of them posted in the “Ask to the Authors thread” in this same website) about working with angels and demons, about the intention of the Magick, the offerings, the role of the will in Magick and a lot more. Very, very valuable chapters and book as a whole.

    Congrats and thank you


  2. Congratulations! Looks interesting. Would be helpful if there is mention of those powers here or in the table of content in the book, so people would know what exactly they’re getting 🙂


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