Ongoing Revelations

In a few weeks we’ll have a new author here, sharing two exciting books, both published on the same day. One is about demons and the other is about angels, with new, practical methods that I think you’ll be excited to use.

There’s a new book coming from Theodore Rose next year. From what I have seen it will be as revolutionary as his first. I am so excited to share this with you, but you’ll need to be patient for some time.

Theodore’s first book, Lucifer and The Hidden Demons, has been a strange success. It sells well, and I have been shown many reports of astonishing success stories that are shared on forums and groups. It doesn’t have many reviews to reflect this, but I am happy to know it is a dearly loved book, and is as powerful and accessible as I hoped it would be.


Henry Archer is taking some time off from writing after completing The Magick of Angels and Demons, but you haven’t seen the last of him.


Ben Woodcroft will eventually fill some gaps in the magickal landscape, with two new books, and I believe they will be welcomed by many readers.

You have probably noted that the authors don’t all agree on methods, meaning, and the workings of magick, but my job as a publisher is not to take sides or promote one school of thought or a belief system. I publish practical magick.  Readers decide what they believe is best.

Our new author will bring ideas that are controversial to some people, but I wouldn’t publish a word of them unless I knew they contained workable magick.

There have been many changes at Amazon and although The Power of Magick Publishing is a passion project for me, it works best when it makes a profit, and when it rewards the authors. That is becoming more and more difficult. Books will be released occasionally, but not every few months. I will only ever publish books that live up to the motto of this company. Revolutionary Occult Publishing.

Thank you for your continued support, and a few weeks from now the revolution will continue.

Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing