The Revolution Continues

Thanks for your interest in our books. I am proud to publish some of the leading authors in modern occultism. The last book I published came out over a year ago.

I’m getting in touch now to let you know I do have something revolutionary to publish. I’ve always wanted to publish books that are revolutionary, and nobody can deny that some of these books changed the face of modern magick.

Theodore Rose’s pathworking concept has been copied so frequently that we can only be flattered. The Angels revealed in Ben Woodcrofts book The Angel Overlords have been directly copied and pasted into other books by authors who have no knowledge of their secret history. And Henry Archer’s book about Angels and Demons working in harmony has urged occultists to rethink their choice of sigils and methods of approach. Of all this, I am proud.

I promised to publish only the best books I could find, with methods that can change the way people use magick. The next book will fulfil all these criteria. It has been and still is a technical and commercial challenge to bring this book to you.

I won’t say much more (or those eager copycats will try to steal the idea before we release it) but when you see what this book contains you will understand why it has taken so long for us to get to this point. There will be different versions, some extremely expensive, some affordable, and there may even be a free version.

I will tell you about the new book as soon as it’s ready. I wanted you to know I am still here and the revolution continues.

Chris Wood 


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