The Power of Magick FAQ

I have tried to limit this FAQ to questions related to our books, and so not all questions will be answered. I have answered the questions myself but obtained approval from the authors. New FAQs for each book, with direct input from the authors (where possible), are coming soon

Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing.

Who are The Order of Unveiled Faces?

In the modern era there have been many magickal societies, temples and orders, with some using the Latin word Ordo for Order in their title. The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, for example, can be called Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae. A small number of other publicly know orders include Ordo Templi Orientis, the Fraternity of the Inner Light, the Sangreal Sodality, The Temple of Set, and the Rosicrucian Order.

Some orders are known publicly, with many members worldwide. Others are small and secret. It has been observed that the larger the order, the more likely it is to fracture or dissolve. Some orders claim ancient (usually unproven) lineage, while others such as The Illuminates of Thanateros are openly modern (being established in the past half century.)

The Order of Unveiled Faces is a magickal society operating since 1955, with membership by invitation. It is based in England. Theodore Rose is the author representing The Order of Unveiled Faces.

Is this the same ‘Order’ that runs an online gift shop?

No. “The Order” is an abbreviation used by many of the Ordo societies and other groups. To avoid confusion it is probably advisable to refer to each order by its full name. The Order of Unveiled Faces is currently represented in public by the book Lucifer and The Hidden Demons.

Are you or your other authors members of The Order of Unveiled Faces?

Ben Woodcroft,  Henry Archer and Christopher Wood are not members of The Order of Unveiled Faces. 

When are you publishing your next book?

I will publish each book when it is ready. I cannot predict a timeline, but expect new books from Ben Woodcroft and Henry Archer at some point in the future. Occult writers do not work to deadlines like ordinary authors, being free to work on the book until they are satisfied with its content. There may be times when I publish nothing for six months, but then you might see one new book every month. Everything new will be announced on this site. You can sign up for notifications where it says Follow Blog Via Email, or if you are a WordPress User press the Follow The Power of Magick button.

How can I publish a book with you?

Prospective authors contact me through comments on this website and via private messages on Facebook. I have currently signed sufficient authors to keep me busy for two years, so I am not taking new submissions at present. When that changes, I will let you know.

What happened to Ben Woodcroft? Isn’t this his website?

Ben Woodcroft enjoys writing but did not like the world of publishing and promotion. I set up a small company around the same time that he was trying to find a publisher. We agreed that the easiest way forward was for me to take over this site and to run The Power of Magick publishing. I intend to publish practical books that I believe will benefit the progress of modern occultsim. Ben will continue to write and his books will be published through The Power of Magick Publishing.

Will your books cover Enochian Magick, Planetary Magick, Voodoo or Runes?

I will publish many books covering many subjects, but I will let you wait until publication to see what’s being covered.

Is there a Facebook study group for The Power of Magick?

Not to my knowledge and if there is, it is run independently. If that changes, I will update this answer.

Are spirits real or creations of the mind?

The authors and I believe that the spirits are real but also acknowledge that many people work with magick by pretending the spirits are real, and this can be a practical approach.

Can you combine rituals, and if so, how?

The majority of occult workers would agree that a limited amount of magick performed with strong focus is the way to work. If, however, you choose to use several rituals at once, to solve one problem, you can run them in series or parallel. There is no need to ask the angels to work together as they will always sense and understand your entire magickal approach.

Something strange happened when I performed magick. Is it dangerous?

It’s not dangerous, but it is widely recognised that some people experience stronger reactions to magick than others. These seemingly supernatural events are often a projection or reflection of your experience of magick or your beliefs regarding magick. If the magick doesn’t feel pleasant, consider slowing down or stopping for a while or accept that what you are experiencing is a harmless side-effect and nothing to fear.

Are there any foundational magick books that everyone should read in addition to The Power of Magick books?

There are many primary sources such as Three Books of Occult Philosophy, The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, The Books of Enoch, etc. The problem is that the list becomes extremely long, and you will undoubtedly find yourself with hundreds, if not thousands, of books that appear to be required reading. Some readers have explicitly asked for books that give the source materials for the Hebrew Magick, and while the authors name books such as Shorshei ha-Shemot, it should be noted that these named books are the tip of the iceberg, and use diverse languages, allusions, as well as a lot of extraneous material. I would not discourage you from researching for yourself, but I know many people find the primary sources to be an obscure disappointment.  The Power of Magick Publishing Company exists so that you have the option to get straight to the practical magick without years of study and research.

If the magick didn’t work, what went wrong?

If magick appears to fail, it can mean the result needs more time to manifest. If there is a complete failure, it may be that you requested a change that was unrealistic in relation to your current life, or that you requested too many changes at once. Small changes gather to generate greater success, and a restrained approach is more productive than attempting to produce several large changes at one time. If there appears to be a reversal (with the situation worsening), this usually means you applied the magick too late, and events were in motion that could not be fully arrested. Magick may have lessened the negative outcomes for you even though it appears to be the other way around. Using magick to recover or change the situation to your advantage is the best course of action.

Is magick more effective when you do it in the correct hour and moon phase or is just superstition?

These observations and correspondences are not superstitions, and many people find they help, but unless one of our books suggests a specific time to work you can assume the magick can be performed at any time. Aspects of timing may be more prevalent in books yet to be published.

How can we use the magick for someone else or on their behalf? How would you reword the ritual?

The authors give guidance in the books, where it is possible. In Angelic Sigils, for example, you can rephrase to assist another person, ensuring there is sincerity. In Angelic Protection, there are details on how to protect others. With the money rituals, Henry suggests that when you make your own money you have the option to share it, or you can introduce somebody to magick if you believe they will be receptive. In the Lucifer book it is assumed that, unless stated otherwise, you can direct your request to affect other people, but you should become familair with the magick before trying to do so.

Can I do the first ritual in 7 Occult Money Rituals, or the first few, and then stop?

You can use just one, but please read the earlier passages covering how the rituals work in harmony. You can then use what you choose to use.

Is Angelic Protection Magick suitable for really stubborn workings like love bindings, voodoo, Satanism, and Santería?

One of Ben’s primary intentions was to share magick that works whatever the source or nature of the attack.

I’ve performed baneful magick and now regret it. Will Angelic Protection Magick help me?

If you are experiencing problems after using dark magick, the combination of The Body of Protection and The Circle Banishing will clear and settle your circumstances.

In The Circle Banishing, why is Raphael located at the North and not the East as found in rituals by the Golden Dawn?

Ben makes the point that some texts and documents pre-date materials used by the Golden Dawn and they show various arrangements and differing correspondences. As a publisher, I want to show that people have discovered alternatives that work. Ben says, “Sometimes you face East, and call Raphael before you. Other times you face North and call Raphael to manifest behind you. All these variations have been found to work.” To fully reveal or expand on the theory would make the book more opaque and perplexing to most. As the editor, I push for simplicity and practicality and request that my authors keep explanations to the minimum. If the magick works, I believe that is enough.

In Ben’s books, what is the inspiration behind the Admitting Words?

The Admitting Words are found in various source materials, and the method for their use was obtained through direct instruction, supported by outlines found in some older documents.

Can you ask an angel to use all its various powers in one ritual?

You can, but focus on one desire is usually more effective. If you believe all the powers are needed for a single problem, they may work in harmony and can be used in a single ritual.

Can I help translate your books?

Not at the present time, thank you.


In just a couple short weeks of performing the first 4 rituals money is flowing in from all over the place. – Amazon Customer

Honestly; this book should be the first book to read on money magick. – Amazon Customer

Very important and powerful foundational work, and probably the easiest rituals you’ll ever do technique-wise. – Amazon Customer

It only took ritual one for me to start seeing more income coming through. – Amazon Customer


It is a very intelligent approach to protection and provides methods which you won’t find in other books. – Amazon Customer

If I could rate this book higher than 5 Stars, I would! It is at least a 100 Star rated book! – Amazon Customer

It is the best book in the subject I’ve got! The rituals are very easy to perform and I found it effective. You not going to be disappointed. – Amazon Customer

This book is a masterpiece! Anyone who has ever been the target of malignant spiritual attack will greatly benefit from these teachings. – Amazon Customer

Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft

If you want Change at your Command in your life, you NEED this Book! – Amazon Customer

Okay, so I admit I was skeptical about this book. Thinking the author was out to make a quick buck riding on the success of the Gallery of Magick books. But I couldn’t be happier that I was so wrong. – Amazon Customer

Actually worked the first night I used it. Thank you for writing a great book for life-changing rituals that the everyday person can follow. – Amazon Customer

This works! GET IT!! – Amazon Customer


This is by far my favorite book. I haven’t used another book since its release. I receive instant results. – Amazon Customer

Get this book, get it now, read it, and change the rest of your life and the way you’re living it! – Amazon Customer

I have done the rituals with results manifesting within hours. I have been working with magick for sometime and this book is already in my top 5. – Amazon Customer

This is book an absolute treasure of information. It is one of the most POWERFUL and practical ways to work with demons to get what you desire in life. This is a book of raw power. – Amazon Customer

A true masterpiece. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. The spirits hear you and they will respond. – Amazon Customer


  1. Hi Chris,
    I was wondering if you could clear something up for me? In Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls there is a power listed for the angel Umabel which is written as ‘Enables love that fails to end in friendship.’
    Now I know the descriptions are deliberately written briefly to enable us to interpret the exact meaning, but the way this particular power is written makes no sense to me. Either there has been a word or two inadvertently left out, or I am missing something blindingly obvious, in which case I apologise!
    If you could shed a bit more light on to the nature of this power that would be fantastic. Thank you.


    1. Yes, this means if you have a lover (spouse, partner etc) and the relationship is coming to an end, you don’t want it to end with a total separation, or to be enemies. You want it to end in friendship. This power enables a failed love to transform into friendship as it ends.


      1. Ah, thanks Chris. Yes, that makes perfect sense now in context!
        I’d misread it to mean to enable love -as in a relationship -from a state of being single.


  2. Somebody asked for a private response to a message but I am unable to respond privately without the original message appearing on this page. I have deleted the question, but here is the answer: Thank you for your interest in translation. At the present time I only have time to work on the books in English (and also need to obtain translation rights from some authors) but I do hope to offer translations in the future. With several books planned and in progress it may be a few years before this happens but when it does I will put a call out in the blog and on the FAQ page, seeking translators with experience in this type of work.


  3. Just a brief question regarding “Lucifer And The Hidden Demons” that may or may not be significant: When pathworking, do I change the “You” perspective in the statements to “I?” For instance, would I say in my pathworking to Lucifer, “I stand in a rock-strewn desert,” or keep it as “You stand in a rock-strewn desert” as given in the book? This is probably just me being too anal retentive, but I’d just appreciate knowing if it makes a difference or not. Thanks so much–I’m SO enjoying the book!!


    1. I’m pleased you’re enjoying the book. There will be a new FAQ soon, with author contributions, but the way I see it is you’re talking to yourself. You can probably change it to first person, but it works as it’s been written, even though you see yourself when you say “you”.

      Liked by 1 person

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