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The same questions were being repeated, and activity here had died down.

You can fine The FAQs here.

Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing


This is by far my favorite book. I haven’t used another book since its release. I receive instant results. – Amazon Customer

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Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft

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  1. Question for Theodore Rose:

    Can you please respond to “The Order of Dark Arts” claims?
    They claim to be a powerful “centuries-old worldwide Luciferian group” and that Lucifer and his legion are using a Facebook account to communicate in their group called “Loyal Friends of The Order”. They claim that myself and most other members of their Facebook group are descendants of demons. They claim to be THE authority on demonic magick. They have condemned your book and even claimed that you were spying in their Facebook group and plagiarized some of their work to write your book. I personally no longer believe anything they say but I hope you will debunk these claims because many people seem to be under their spell.
    Thank you!

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    1. Theodore Rose won’t respond to this, but I will, briefly. It is strange for anybody to claim that Theodore’s book could be based on their work because their book hasn’t been published yet. Their ideas appear to be theirs alone and are highly unlikley to reflect the work of The Order of Unveiled Faces or those of any serious magickal worker.

      It is no surprise that they would condemn Lucifer and The Hidden Demons because it debunks many of the myths they peddle, such as the myth that demons ‘speak Latin’ or that the myth that their pendants are accurate, or the myth that demons speak directly through Facebook. It is true that much of what Theodore wrote exposed the flaws in their claims, and any reader who looks through the opening chapter of Theodore’s book will have sufficient evidence to see what is really going on.

      Such clarification is almost a waste of time. Those who follow them do so with a devotion that will not be swayed even though most occultists are laughing with bewlidered awe at the audacity (and inaccuracy) of their claims.

      What matters to me is that in other groups there are many stories of Lucifer and The Hidden Demons working for some people very quickly, with good results, more consistently than other magick. Many readers have said it is all they will use. I doubt the same could be said for the concepts of a nebulous group that claims demons type their Facebook posts. This may be why their membership has been dropping every day since Lucifer and The Hidden Demons was published. Thedore Rose wrote an elegant and workable book of magick and also showed the basic errors other people were making by showing the sources and methods behind his authentic work.

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  2. To Theodore Rose:
    I want to use the pathworkings related to curse and attack, because I have five enemies who know each other, working together against me. My question is : should I name the five people in the ritual, or perform a separate pathworking for each enemy?. Thank you very much.


  3. For Theodore Rose:

    Please, how long should we wait before repeating a pathworking if we dont get any results?. I made a request more than one month ago and still havent seen any results. Thanks.

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    1. I believe this is answered quite well in the Summoning Demons chapter where the paragraph begins with “If the situation continues to be a problem, this does not mean the magick has failed.” Details on how to proceed in such a situation are provided. I will pass this question to the author to see if he has more to add.


      1. Thank you very much for your reply Chris, but I refer to very specific requests , where you can see clearly if it worked or not. Sometimes is very difficult to know when to repeat the request when nothing happens. I hope the author can explain a little bit more.


  4. To Henry Archer:
    Can I practice Ritual Seven by myself with dice (or any other game of chance) or do I always have to bet some money? Can I combine this ritual with other methods? (manifestation, loa, psychokinesis..)


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