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The same questions were being repeated, and activity here had died down.

You can fine The FAQs here.

Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing


This is by far my favorite book. I haven’t used another book since its release. I receive instant results. – Amazon Customer

Get this book, get it now, read it, and change the rest of your life and the way you’re living it! – Amazon Customer

I have done the rituals with results manifesting within hours. I have been working with magick for sometime and this book is already in my top 5. – Amazon Customer

This is book an absolute treasure of information. It is one of the most POWERFUL and practical ways to work with demons to get what you desire in life. This is a book of raw power. – Amazon Customer

A true masterpiece. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. The spirits hear you and they will respond. – Amazon Customer


In just a couple short weeks of performing the first 4 rituals money is flowing in from all over the place. – Amazon Customer

Honestly; this book should be the first book to read on money magick. – Amazon Customer

Very important and powerful foundational work, and probably the easiest rituals you’ll ever do technique-wise. – Amazon Customer

It only took ritual one for me to start seeing more income coming through. – Amazon Customer


It is a very intelligent approach to protection and provides methods which you won’t find in other books. – Amazon Customer

If I could rate this book higher than 5 Stars, I would! It is at least a 100 Star rated book! – Amazon Customer

It is the best book in the subject I’ve got! The rituals are very easy to perform and I found it effective. You not going to be disappointed. – Amazon Customer

This book is a masterpiece! Anyone who has ever been the target of malignant spiritual attack will greatly benefit from these teachings. – Amazon Customer

Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft

If you want Change at your Command in your life, you NEED this Book! – Amazon Customer

Okay, so I admit I was skeptical about this book. Thinking the author was out to make a quick buck riding on the success of the Gallery of Magick books. But I couldn’t be happier that I was so wrong. – Amazon Customer

Actually worked the first night I used it. Thank you for writing a great book for life-changing rituals that the everyday person can follow. – Amazon Customer

This works! GET IT!! – Amazon Customer


  1. For Theodore Rose:

    If I want to curse a very strong enemy, that is hard to defeat, can I use, apart from the pathworkings of your book, another rituals of cursing from other books?. Like, for example, the Master Curse from the book Magickal Attack. My point is if it possible to attack the problem, from different angles, using different demons at the same time. Thanks.


  2. For Theodore Rose:
    Again thank you for such a great book. I am confused about the issue of healing. The following three I can see as helpful for intense conditions, such as the excruciating pain of advance arthritis or cancer:
    To bring relief from pain. – Corocon
    To endure pain with bravery until healing occurs – Dulid
    To limit the effects of disease and illness – Arakison

    But why only limit its condition and not heal it? The only one that comes close to the mark is:
    To heal injury and sickness in an animal – Dulid

    But who would want to use that to heal self or others? What if that causes one to grow donkey ears or worse (just joking)?
    If healing can be called for animals, why can’t it be called for people? Why not actual complete healing? Anyway please recommend how to use them for a healing of a particular condition.

    On the subject of banishing:
    I know that a lot of people put way too much emphasis on protection for doing magick. Even to the point of being in a circle for doing simple knot magick. You can just about see them wearing a hard hat and steel toed boots, maybe even armor.

    I have never used a circle, nor am I inclined to do so. Ceremonial type rituals are not my cup of tea. I don’t have the time for all the hassle. I want something more direct. However, I also felt the actual use of the circle was to protect against those spirits of questionable intent attracted by the ritual activity, not the entity one is calling. I don’t banish. It makes sense that its incredibly rude to ask for a favor and then kick that entity out (‘Here’s your hat. What’s your hurry?’). When I feel something is wrong, I now have Nogah chase away any undesirable spirits. However, that brings up a point. What if one did a banishing at the end of the closing of one’s ritual, prefacing it with the phrase: “I welcome the spirits with the intent to be helpful to me or my activities, but for those specific spirits of questionable or ill intent, (proceed with meat and potatoes of the banishing ritual)…”, to set the intent and flow of the banishing specifically to those entities? What do you think of this, since Magick depends on what your intent is, and how you word it?

    Lastly, I thought I should show you something important that would help you decide your next book. (Turns to all the readers out there.) ‘How many of you out there think, that it is important and necessary to immediately do a book for The Ars Goetia and Theurgia Goetia, complete with hierarchies and pathworkings? Please raise your hand.’ (Turns back to Theodore Rose) See, just about everyone raised their hand except for the ‘Positive Thinking’ faction (I have obviously not had any trouble doing any of the Pathworkings).

    (Suddenly turns back to the readers) ‘Hey no booing and no writing in any letters either! I’ve tried everything from ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ to ‘The Secret’. That stuff never worked for me. But you guys are great though, you all have ‘Happy Thoughts.’ (Turns back to Theodore Rose)

    Thank you once again for having shared all your hard earned knowledge.


    1. I will let the author respond in full if he wishes but from what I have seen healing is possible, but the lable of ‘healing’ can be misleading. If you limit pain, that is good. If you limit the effects of disease and illness what do you limit – the severity of the illness and the lenght of the illness. You could call that healing.


    2. You have my vote. If they’ll publish a new version for Goetia, I’m buying it. I know it will be valuable like the rest of their books. With that said…

      May I ask..Why Demons? From one book about demons to another book about different demons.. from one way to work with demons to another way to work with demons. Do you have any idea how powerful Angels are, for white and black magick, ever used Angels to curse someone? or ancient Gods and Goddesses in all pantheons allover the world, did you work with Egyptian Gods, did you try Seth or Sikhmet ? Did you work with Jinn and witnessed how they can perform true miracles almost instantly ? Did you work with Saints, Any idea how powerful Santisima Muerte or Expedite are, again.. for white and black magick? .. There are extremely powerful spirits out there waiting for someone to reveal their secrets and discover new techniques for working with them. Let’s think outside the box for a second.

      Lucifer and hidden demons, was a wonderful idea and new technique. Okay let’s copy Hollyood and make endless sequels. Fine with me, and the author and publisher deserve all success they could get from it. But at the same time, let’s not forget the reason why it was successful. Let’s use the same knowledge and creativity to explore something different and effective.


      1. Theodore Rose knows more than most people ever will on any area of occultism. I agree that many worthy subjects are not covered by modern, practical authors (yet), and I only want to see the very best and most practical books on these subjects. I too am eager to read them. My purpose is to uncover such gems, and I trust that should Theodore Rose and The Order of Unveiled Faces choose to provide me with another book it will be far from being a sequel.

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      2. Why demons? Why not? However, you are right, and I would love to explore and work with all available entities. I’m new to all this. I started my magickal path in Feb of 2018. There is only so much money, and there are a lot of books I still want to get. I started sorting through the sea of data looking for real magick. I don’t want to say that certain factions of magick don’t work, that would be incorrect. Its more likely than not, that it is something that I am doing, or not doing, keeping me from being effective.

        I looked into Wicca, since its so well known, but really had an interest in sympathetic magick, knot magick, and chaos magick. All of them have very good systems. However, I really love summoning. This kind of magick really calls to me. I have a lot of books and practice magick a lot. Careful to do the magick as per the teachings, but always applying to gain experience, ability, and manifestation. A mage is a person who does magick and MANIFESTS. If you never manifest, you can’t call yourself a mage. Never give up! Never surrender! I will eventually be one, and I will enjoy the journey in the meantime. There is no right or wrong. There is only experience.

        This is not an insistence of working with demons. The only magick I have been able to manifest is the Magickal Cashbook with Nitika. Only after lashing out due to accumulated frustration, and the situation becoming so dire, did it start to continually manifest. I was also doing magick from Damon’s Wealth Magick. Came close to lashing out directly at Raziel, but I didn’t, and am still alive (I wasn’t struck by lightning). My lashing out caused an immediate manifestation that shocked and stunned me. I had to carefully assess what caused it. It changed my magick. I sense all the entities that I summon, whether they are fallen angels (Goetia), demons from different grimoires, angels, djinn, geniuses (genii which are not djinn), but have not manifested other than Nitika. However, when I applied magick from Hidden Demons, (Presto! Change-oh!) I was again shocked and stunned at the immediate manifestation, to the point of even getting advice.

        I took the long way around to answer your question. I asked Mr Rose, for a book about goetic demons because he works with demons. His book is titled ‘Lucifer and The Hidden Demons’, not ‘Metatron and The Hidden Angels’ (Yeah, I would buy that book too). But the point is, Mr Roses method of using hierarchy and pathworking resoundingly worked. I am asking him to write about applying that to other entities he is working with. If he can do the same for angels, djinns, elementals etc., I certainly would buy those nooks too. I noted the entities you stated. I have some of Bael’s books, but haven’t gotten to St Expedite yet.

        Thanks for your input.

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  3. For Theodore Rose:
    I have not been able to get any magick to work, except The Magickal Cashbook using Nitika. When I bought, read, and used your book, the results were immediate and stunned me. I was so shocked that they would respond to me, even give advice. This is my go to book. Because of the work-ability of your technique, I must ask:
    Will you please, please, please also do a book for the entities of the Ars Goetia and the Theugia Goetia (Lemegeton book I and II).

    I love summoning. There are other entities of course, such as from the Necronomicon Spell-book. Are there any references that teach how to create Pathworkngs?

    Thank so much for sharing your knowledge and providing such a workable form of Magick.


  4. 1. Have you considered book on:
    Olympic spirits?
    Vedic devatas (Kubera, Lakshmi, Ganesha, etc)?
    Angelic pathworking?
    Magickal theory / cosmology?

    2. Question for Ben Woodcroft and Theodore Rose:
    What effect does it have to perform The Illumination before the pathworking?

    3. Question for Ben Woodcroft:
    Is Elohim/YHWH/Adonai and the psalms contacting the Judeo-Christian God egregore or something else?

    Thank you for this opportunity.

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