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The same questions were being repeated, and activity here had died down.

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Chris Wood, The Power of Magick Publishing


This is by far my favorite book. I haven’t used another book since its release. I receive instant results. – Amazon Customer

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It is a very intelligent approach to protection and provides methods which you won’t find in other books. – Amazon Customer

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Angelic Sigils, Keys and Calls by Ben Woodcroft

If you want Change at your Command in your life, you NEED this Book! – Amazon Customer

Okay, so I admit I was skeptical about this book. Thinking the author was out to make a quick buck riding on the success of the Gallery of Magick books. But I couldn’t be happier that I was so wrong. – Amazon Customer

Actually worked the first night I used it. Thank you for writing a great book for life-changing rituals that the everyday person can follow. – Amazon Customer

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  1. Hi, Appreciate the chance to ask the authors. I have two questions…

    First question is for Ben Woodcroft : In Angelic Sigils, Keys and Call.. I tried to use the ritual but “the preparatory working” starts the ritual with negative mentality and negative emotions. Makes it very difficult – and honestly, doesn’t make sense – to have faith in the rest of ritual because it’s starting from a point of weakness, right after calling the divine. I understand the reason mentioned in the book. but it starts the ritual from a very low-negative point. Makes it harder to end the ritual with any positive expectations! My question is why you didn’t start this preparatory step, with concentrating on the intention of the ritual instead? After all, this is the main element in any ritual or spell work, not concentrating on negativity then move from that to your intention. No one does that, honestly. Again, I understand your reason, as you explained in the book, but it doesn’t make sense and feels wrong. Is it possible to replace that part, and concentrate on the intention ?

    My question for Theodore Rose : The book is wonderful, Congratulations! The only thing that almost always makes me lose my focus in the ritual, is using multiple pathworkings for multiple spirits, one after another, asking the same request, until finally I can contact the demon I want to contact. Why it’s not enough to contact Lucifer then move on to the spirit or demon directly? I mean, why Lucifer’s permission is not enough, and he’s the one with higher authority than the rest of the demons I’m contacting after him? I hope my question makes sense.

    Thank you,



    1. I’ll let the authors answer, but for Ben’s method it is not about being negative but transformative, and the angels then magnify this transformation. It is very effective for many people. I will encourage him to add more thoughts.

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  2. To Theodore Rose:

    Regarding the powers to curse somebody, if I want to curse a group of people who are working together against me, should I name all the people of the group in the same ritual, or perform a different ritual for each person?. Thanks.


  3. For Theodore Rose:

    Have you considered creating a sort of “oracle” type deck featuring the demons and their pathworkings? It wouldn’t necessarily need to function as a traditional Tarot or LeNormand type deck correspondence-wise, but it could potentially be a system all its own, especially since there are more demons in the book than there are most Tarot decks. I think you have more than enough supporters to fund a kickstarter if you were interested. I don’t mean to advertise this guy’s deck, but when I read about it, it made me wonder if a “Lucifer And The Hidden Demons” deck could be a helpful tool to deeper learning & understanding, both of the demons themselves, and how they can benefit and impact our lives. EDIT.

    Anyway, I’m sure it would be a huge project, but I hope you consider it at some point!


    1. Hello. I had to remove the link in your post, but thank you for the point you’ve raised. I’ll pass this to the author but for myself, as a publisher, I have looked into various ways of producing decks as there have been several proposals from creators of decks. Initial funding is not an issue but distribution is, and the costs of producing and distributing high quality decks are astronomical. For the price of one deck, a reader could buy ten occult books (not that I have published ten yet, but I plan to), and that will probably be where my attention remains. Theodore may have more to add to this so I’ll add it to the questions.


  4. To Theodore Rose:
    Is it posssible to contact the demons of Goetia or other entities using the pathworking method?. Will you write a book in the future using pathworkings to contact more entities?. Thanks.


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